Lets discuss the elephant in the room - Vermintide 2's stability and gameplay bugs

I’m a huge fan of the Vermintide games and I’m having a blast in Vermintide 2, especially the game has been developed in the direction I hoped for, more enemy factions and active/passive skills. However, despite the fun my game buddies and I are having in V2, there is no way to avoid the frustrations related to the game’s stability. We have all different hardware, but none of us can avoid game crashes, either due to the game freezing, crashing or the point where the GPU’s driver stops responding and crashes. It is especially frustrating when a crash happens to the host, as it wipes the map progress for all players.

Similarly over time we discovered a lot of gameplay bugs I would also not expect from a game post launch, abilities which don’t work, bugging out enemy AI, getting stuck in geometry (admittedly I did not manage this since the open beta, possibly because I stay away from problematic areas).

I want to be clear about this, I love the game and I do appreciate Fatshark is neither an experience or large developer, but please don’t get into a habit of releasing half baked titles, which feel like late close beta phase in the terms of the game’s code quality. The state of the game won’t make a great impression to the new players and even some veterans are getting fed up.

Could we get some kind of world map / timeline aknowledging that you are working of specific issues and how Fatshark is planning to address these?

Look at the forums. See the topics with ‘acknowledged’ flair? Issues in those topics have been… well, acknowledged :stuck_out_tongue: That means devs are aware of the problem and are working on it. If you want a timeline of when every single bug will be fixed tho… No game does that.

Did you report the specific bugs you found?

It’s not the elephant in the room either, they have released multiple patches to fix issues as quick as they possibly can, but the more info they get, the quicker they can get them sorted.

Also for crashes, make sure you have everything updated, try a couple of different drivers…etc… send them the logs.

Of the group I play with, we have only ever encountered 1 crash in total so stability on this is quite good. Now I’m not saying you are wrong but quite often the game gets blamed when it’s something like an high overclock or 3rd party program like afterburner with osd running.

You can also check on the “stability” sections of the patch notes for 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.0.3.

The only major issue I’ve ran into is the awful fps drops during hordes simply because they murder CPUs. I run an i7-6700K and I have to turn down a lot of CPU-intensive settings, and even then it still will drop below 60 frames depending on the size of the horde. Can run the game at 120+ at all other times.

I guess it’s just a fundamental issue with the game, as I can run games with a similar amount of entities (i.e. Left 4 Dead 2, Killing Floor 2) with a completely stable framerate.

Thats weird. Im using 6700k too. Its overclocked but not that much - 4.5ghz. I dont think Ive ever seen fps dip below 60 in actual gameplay and Im playing with everything maxed out (except motion blur).

The sheer amount of bugs in this game is incredible. I know we sometimes get a dev post stating ‘we’re working on it’ but honestly I’m going to be taking a break from the game for a while. With Sea of Thieves along with a few other games coming out I’ll have plenty of things to entertain myself with. I plan on returning when they fix the important things like TALENTS not working.