Lazgun bug

OK so I have this weird bug or something it never happened during the beta but after the beta this happens now and i don’t know why. i will place a link to a twitch highlight below like 20 second clip of the bug. at 10secons in i start shooting Twitch

but basically what happens is that when i am rapidly shooting the lazgun i have this wierd sfx, vfx, delay where my rifle is doing damage but it either doesn’t play the sound of the lazgun firing or doesnt show the laz bolt flying but the recoil animation is playing and the damage is being done, WHY i have tried to many settings but this happens ever since we got out of the beta in 2022 it its game breaking i came back after the class over haul hoping patching’s have fixed it BUT NOPE its so annoying cuz you lose a sense of aim feed back while shooting. feel free to slow down the footage play back to .25 speed so you can see it, you will watch me mag dump to create the bug. it also does weird things where like the lazgun will shooting like triple bolts at once.

pc build :

128gb ram

5950x ryzen

msi 4090

game is on a 980pro samsung m.2

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