Late game Penances too difficult

It’s understood that late game penances need to be difficult, but these late game ones for most of the classes are so difficult that they require random chance to succeed. That just takes all the challenge out of them.

All of the vermintide 2 Challenges are approachable and can be finished through hard work, the darktide late game penances need to be tweaked a bit more to make them approachable!

Ogryn challenges are fine except one.

  • Knocking down 6 ogryn with a single charge is not hard at all, but requires a very rare situation. The number should be reduced, or the penance should be changed entirely.

Zealot challenges are fine.

  • The sub 20min heresy mission is a bit tricky but definitely doable with a decent group.

Psyker has two challenges that are a bit weird.

  • Commiting suicide to explode three elites is a stupid challenge.
  • Doing 90% boss damage on heresy with brain burst requires you to either be the only one alife, or requires your teammates to purposely leave the boss to you (in that case it is not hard at all, although it is a weird thing to have to do).

Veteran has only easy challenges except one that is borderline impossible:

  • 100% accuracy throughout an entire mission, with no ammo remaining, is just stupid. Although it can be done by using a weak ranged weapon with low amount of ammo, getting killed once (so you respawn with low ammo) and and then spamming all of your remaining bullets at a boss. There is no way that you can get this penance without cheesing it in some way. The required accuracy should be reduced.

Yeah it’s the idea you have to exploit the game to achieve the challenges which is a bit screwy. Also needing pure utter chance!

The Ogryn one that I don’t like is the one that requires you to stay in coherency range at all times. That just sucks.

The main point with Challenges if for them to be worked on, only succeeded with a good amount of effort.

A Challenge that needs pure chance to succeed isn’t a challenge!