Ogryn penances

Who created that ‘new’ Ogryn’s penances and why?

Look at other careers: stun enemies with grenade or kill 2 elites during single Volley Fire or kill with warp attacks etc. All of them are easy AF and rely only on the player itself, and doesn’t break other’s gameplay.

And look at Ogryn ones:

1. Keep them grounded - knock down 5000 (yes, 5 thousand!) enemies.
Knock down - with Bull Charge (BC) obv., so here we go again: Unstoppable feat and mindless charges every time you see enemies, to freaking farest places from the team.

2. Clear the path - knock down 3 ranged enemies with single BC
Same crap as above.

3. Keep your friends close - complete 3 full missions without anyone going down for longer than 10 sec and noone should fully die
What the F is it? How I can stop any idiot to run away from me and just die?
Who created this?

4. Bring the hurt - hit elites 4 times with your grenade in a row without miss x5
Yes, you get it right: miss once and whole sequence broken. And you have only 2 grenades and they are not too common on the levels.
Compare “kill 2 elites” and “hit 4 times without miss” - just WHY?

5. Help everyone - revive allies 40 times.
WHAT IS THIS? Are you sane? What if nobody will die - I would never complete this? Or I should ask potatoes to play with me?
Just pure insanity!


It’s actually not so bad. Help Everyone takes more time to do than the others.

I’m not trying to be all “No U”, the grenade one was the sweatiest one and that one can be cheesed

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Psyker has more time consuming ones than Ogryn imo, and Ogryns really aren’t that bad. I got all of them except kept friends close pretty easily, the only ones I really tries for are the box one and knocking 3 ranged enemies over.

The new penances are easy, including those you listed.

Most of them are going to happen just by playing the game. You can finish almost all of them in just a few runs. The only one you’ve listed that’s likely to take a while is reviving 40 allies, and that’s just going to happen over time.

Stress less, these are easy.

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others 3 career penances combined are easier / faster to get


I completed most of these in a week of regular play–I’m sure I’ll get the remaining in a week more of regular play. They’re easy to get without trying to do anything “not optimal” for the team (as opposed to some of the redacted penances).

I mean really, if taking 2 weeks instead of 1 week to get a different color in ‘potato-sack shirt’ is a big deal I’d be curious to hear what your replacements for these penances would be.

Sure they are a time investment, but they are nowhere as egrigious as you make them out to be.
Missing a nade is annoying sure, but it’s not like the targets you wanna use them against - aka Ogryns and Monsters - are particularly small.

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I did all of them, except #3

It was unfun, boring and grindy experience. Even #5 wasn’t that long - thx hellhound mods.

But #3 is just something special and amazing!
You should do this at Heresy+ and there is ALWAYS some special idiot who run somewhere and die.

Even if I type at start “stay close and don’t die” - they always doing exactly this: spreading around and die of regular unit.

I tried Heresy and Damnation (maybe there can be more experienced players?) and LI mod - doesn’t matter. Someone always will get down and wouldn’t be picked up in 10 sec or just die.

Amazing penances rework, FS!

Not so controversial opinion: I rather knock down 5000 enemies to complete a task, than deal with the current crafting system.

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