Kruber Mercenary spec!

I really don’t like how kruber can’t do anything with his paced strike passive vs bosses, mini bosses, specials, and armored units since armored units block your sweep attacks.

it feels to me that mercenary kruber is only effective at killing small rats/ none armored units which is dumb since other classes can does this already just as good.

HUGE PROBLEM paced strike doesn’t refresh when hitting multiple enemy’s again it should refresh if i hits 3 enemy’s again, otherwise if this is intended it needs to be fixed i find it kind of dumb that his passive and his 15 talent pick that only procs if his passive hits 3 targets doesn’t even work properly vs hordes since thats really all merc kruber is good for.

basically kruber merc misses out on his passive and lvl 15 talent most of the time. which is bad since the only time you really need this is during armored units,specials,bosses etc… not small rats when your whole team together and not even that can take care of them just fine.


fixing paced stirke to work better:

-hitting 3 targets automatically activates paced strike added effect hitting a single target 2 or 3 times also activates paced strike.

-if paced strike is active kruber can hit a maximum of 2 armored units with wide sweeps instead of just one, does not work vs shielded units.

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Underpowered career. Useless agaist specials, bosses and also agaisnt simple armoured/shielded enemies. His active’s cooldown takes too much time.

Mercenary Kruber with lots of crit is an absolute blast, probably the most fun I’ve had in v2.

Stacking crit with swift slaying on melee weapon makes you a monster.
Far from underpowered.

I know, but he still needs more power against, at least, specials and shield… like other crowd control cereers (slayer has armor piecing weapons and WH, even he’s also underpowered, can oneshot specials with headshot).

No idea what you’re talking about, paced strikes does refresh every time you hit 3 targets. Executioner sword especially built with crit and crit power can chunk bosses but it’s not his job anyway. Merc is an extremely reliable front-liner who can bail out of some near-wipe scenarios with his shout and snipe specials with the handgun.


Only thing I’d say would be nice if paced strikes did trigger on hitting the same target multiple times. Other than that, merc is really fun.

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