Kruber/Merc: Paced Strikes & Blade Barrier or Reikland Reaper

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When you hit three enemies, you get Paced Strikes, reach level 25 and you can also get Blade Barrier. Every time you hit three enemies, Paced Strikes will reset to six seconds. Blade Barrier will not. It will wait until the entire six seconds are up, then the game will wait for you to get Paced Strikes again. Is this a bug?
-Update to the “bug”. Blade Barrier and Reikland Reaper both have the same issue. Enhanced Training and Strike Together do not (As in they reset whenever Paced Strikes resets). The description “when Paced Strikes is active” leads me to believe that while Paced Strikes is active, you should get the buffs. But with Reikland Reaper and Blade Barrier, you don’t get them 100% of the time that you have Paced Strikes.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue
    Continuously hit three or more enemies as many times as you can in six seconds, the Paced Strikes indicator will constantly reset, the Blade Barrier indicator will not until six seconds are up.
  • How consistently the issue occurs for you
    It can be an issue when you think you have 25% damage reduction and really don’t. When fighting hordes, I can’t focus as much on whether or not I have certain stats, all my attention is on dodging and swinging.
  • Screenshots and/or video evidence (Just Blade Barrier) (All Four Talents Affected by Paced Strikes) (Proof That Once the Indicator for a Given Talent Goes off, you Stop Getting the Buff)

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This is extremely odd because, if I remember correctly, Blade Barrier used to not decay at all. It was like a ‘permanent’ buff that was always active whenever Paced Strikes was active (so it wouldn’t tick down, it’d just disappear whenever it detected that Paced Strikes wasn’t around).
I assume this bug happened when they fixed Blade Barrier not triggering when the Enhanced Training talent was also taken.


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