KNOWN ISSUE: Stuck in "Position in Queue: 1"

Fair points. Maybe this isn’t affecting enough people, idk. it’s just frustrating and annoying to see everyone else havin a blast while we can’t even get firsthand info.
I’ll definitely be repurchasing the game, as think this game will be fantastic after a little polish. Im just gonna wait till launch to pick it up again

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Any updates for us in queue rejects? @FatsharkLev


Do we have any idea when the next update will be? Judging by their ‘what to expect’ it should be sometime today?


Still in queue position 1 after ~72 hours, can’t login.

The authentication server is telling the game client we’re in queue position 1 when it should be saying we’re in queue position 0. @anyone from FS


isn’t happening today I reckon

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I’ve also decide to post on their Announcement > 1.0.6 Hotfix . Fatshark Aqshy seems to be checking on there for issues that happened after the hotfix on Saturday.

It may get more awareness than here since there has been no further updates on this thread from them.


Anything that helps!

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As per

from the DT discord they’re still trying to figure out this bug apparently. So it’s best not get our hopes up on its solution tomorrow.


I got in now! :smile:

no luck here still :sob:

Got all hopeful

to feel so hopeful reading this and then despair as i remain in queue position 1


Yea that was a troll post.

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feels bad man.

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It’s not a troll post. I have been having the same issue. I just tried it and finally got in. Will update if anything changes. Finally!

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it worked for me! i just tried again

Never been so happy to eat my words, I just successfully logged in on my main account. Apologies to above.

I’m in as well! We’ve weathered the storm, folks. (For now, lol)

Have fun.

Yay something to look forward to after work.

I’m also back on my account, for anyone following they should try again.

@FatsharkLev FYI