KNOWN ISSUE: Server Instability

We are currently working the “Position in Queue: 1” issue, which in turn may impact server stability.

Please bear with us whilst we work on returning service to normal.

GUID: 9834e96d-92b3-479d-9d12-f7ca03ca7231
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console-2022-12-09-00.16.28-9834e96d-92b3-479d-9d12-f7ca03ca7231.log (256.2 KB)

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I am a STEAM player
Play darktide for about 88 hours
But I actually have 60~70% of the time waiting for the connection to succeed
Error code 2003 2007 3001 4008 is what I often see in the game (there are also times when the game crashes)
I can’t connect when playing a game or loading a lobby
I understand if the connection quality is unstable during CBT and Beta
But now that the game has been officially released, the network problem still exists
Now you have to pay attention to the connection problem every time you play (provided you can enter the lobby)
very bad experience
Also, this connection failure only happens in dark tides. My other games drop infrequently (or not at all, including vermintide 2)
I’m not sure which country the game server is located in
I am from Taiwan, so the internet speed should be stable and fast
I don’t think I need to buy a VPN to play darktide
Hope to fix this connection problem soon
(Grammar might be a bit wrong because I’m using a translator)

I have been disconnecting this past two day more now than ever. It sucks when you take the time to go through a mission and suddenly lose all of that time and progress. Sometimes I am able to load back into mission and sometimes not after reconnection to the Mourningstar. It depends if someone else has taken my spot immediately after disconnecting. Fatshark needs to give 3-5 minute grace time for a person to get back into the mission. Meaning if you are disconnected, the spot that was left should stay closed until the time is up and then a new person could load into that spot.

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2 days later, still insufferable lag. Is there any update to server stability? Thanks

I’ve had this issue past 2 days now out of nowhere. Re-installed the game twice and now whenever I play, if we have wave of enemies appear it crashes the game completely. At first I thought it was GPU issue perhaps (running a 3070) but it works perfectly with all other games part from Darktide. Playing via GamePass.

GUID: d712ed43-fdc0-4df9-bb53-c49b34b19125
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exact same crash happened again

GUID: d5b07be6-04e5-4550-9dfc-5588105b7bbb
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Game crashes are getting worse, currently the game is un-playable. Disconnects multiple times through a game, losing all that time and progress.
Playing via gamepass, if i had paid full retail i would be taking it back for a refund.

This game should never have been released in its current state.