KNOWN ISSUE: Input Lag, Actions Not Registering Correctly


I had ray tracing off all before the most recent patches. Upon investigating, I found that ray tracing was turned back on. I turned it all the way off and the rubber banding and input lag completely vanished. Back to normal and the game felt great.
Make sure ray tracing is off and see if that helps if it was on (mine showed up as “custom” whereas normally it was off in previous versions)

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Been almost a year and this bug still plagues this game. Apparently my M.2 Drive, 3090, i9 12900k, and 1gbps internet is not sufficient to play this game without latency issues.

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The netcode of this game is the known issue. It’s not client-side, sever authenticated, which means it’s bad. All kinds of actions are handled server side when there is no good reason for this to be the case. It’s always going to be a problem. Any attempts at mitigating this issue without a total netcode rewrite is an attempt at polishing a turd.

It would be like trying to improve a fighting game’s netcode without using rollback. It’s never going to be good.

If this game were using client-side, server authenticated netcode, it would be next to impossible to headshot an enemy on your screen and not have its head come off. What would happen if you or the server were lagging is that the head coming off would simply be delayed, but it would come off. There would be none of this nonsense where you see the head bleed client-side but the server never registers it so the enemy never dies. Registry of the hit should happen on the client, the sever should just be responsible for saying “Yeah, that looks good”, and updating the simulation. Having the server do any of the actual registration calculations is idiotic.

The only reason I can see as to why Fatshark would do this aside from incompetency is that they were concerned about cheating and were too cheap to pay for an anticheat service. It’s not even a good solution to that problem but it does make that task a little easier.


I was just thinking about this today and we’ve come to the same conclusion. Only thing I can see to do at this point is just complain long enough that it hopefully one day gets fixed…


Calling it dropped inputs doesnt seem to do it justice. It seems like the server is losing track of me entirely and trying to reconcile where it thinks I should be/have done.


Is there even going to be any progress made ?

Nothing has changed since launch, in fact it’s only getting worse

Do you test your game ?
Do you know that if an enemy locks on a melee attack animation on you, chances are the game is going to refuse to let you switch weapon, and that’s related to the fact that the game treats enemy melee attacks differently depending on whether you wield a melee or ranged weapon ?

Do you think having to mash your weapon swap key 6 times while you’re getting mauled makes for a good experience, are you satisfied ?

How in the F has this still not been fixed more than one year later ???


Still an issue, sucks that the game now expects me to have precog esp to dodge stuff and blocks my inputs on top of it every so often too. Was this just a feature of the ai director all along? A lag switch to nuke people’s latency?


Not only is the input lag terrible but the hit registration is next level dog sh*t. I can not tell you how many times I’ve shot an enemy in this game whether it be a body shot or a headshot. And all I get is a very obvious blood spray but no hit marker or damage dealt. On top of that, the lag spikes parred with all the rubber banding, makes the game almost unplayable. The game feels like a chore to play at this point and it’s really not that fun anymore. The only reason I still play this game is because I’ve made so many friends playing it.


Did the telemetry work? This problem seems to be getting worse and worse…

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problem got so bad last night i had to uninstall nordvpn and completely flush and reset my dns in order to even be able to switch my weapons or walk in a straight line without teleporting all over the place.

there is a massive disconnect between what I input, what my local game tries to render, and what is then reconciled by the server causing weird animation loops, exploded psykers cuz they switched to melee but then the server said they didnt, and un-shoved dogs because again you switch to melee and block but then the game says “oh no actually, you still had your staff out and you tried to shoot the dog”

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I dont make AAA games but I do work in a game engine for my day job and my only suggestion is maybe to stop using 3rd party services for so much of the games code and hire the guys who did the netcode for rocket league to write your own bespoke multiplayer backend. itd probably cost less than the 3rd party service in the long term anyways. we hire consultants all the time for things our team isnt experienced in. theres no shame in it.


No no no, that’s crazy talk.

The only real solution is just buy a 3rd party asset, slap it into your code base, turn off warnings, and then hit ‘ignore’ on every thread that brings up performance issues.


any news fatshark?


Any update? This bug is making the game unplayable.

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Still having this issue. Perhaps worse now leading up to this update?

Just played a match, I would say, only a third of my button inputs and damage out put was being registered by the server. The game wouldn’t let me swap off my blitz ability after hitting “Q, or 1, 2, 3, 4.”

I checked my internet speed and connection (31ms) (50-60ms to servers)
I have never used mods
The game is installed on an SSD
I am going to verify files/reinstall game to see if that helps at all.

Any chance the new update will have this fixed or lessened?

Replying back to this thread as I had posted in December 22’ and after testing I determined and confirmed that my ISP back then was the issue all along and the main factor I learned here is:

This game does not handle any sort of network jitter well at all.

After changing ISPs in 2023 and nothing else PC-wise my performance in this game drastically improved. Fast forward to 2024 after moving and changing to a 3rd ISP in a different area I am once again seeing this issue come up with this game and it is showing the same symptoms it was back in 2022 and early 2023. Even though the network jitter is not as bad as the 1st ISP in this situation it still does spike sometimes, in all the other games I play online via the 3rd ISP I do not have any connection issues with the exception of Darktide. I’m led to believe this is some sort of issue with netcode and now network traffic is handled if other games do no produce the same problems as DT.

Sad to say but there is only one ISP in my area currently and so I am stuck dealing with this shitty internet here, unable to play darktide because it does not handle jitter at all. So until another ISP comes along in my area or they fix the netcode I don’t think I’ll be able to play the game.
Really sad that two and a half years into this game and this still has not been addressed.

Sadly some games are like this. One tiny drop and you get shafted. Vermintide 2 can still be quite bad for booting me from games when its windy outside :face_exhaling: