KNOWN ISSUE: Emperor's Gift Not Being Awarded As Expected

We are looking in to reports of the Emperor’s Gift is not being awarded as expected with the latest patch.

Existing reports may be merged here, to help us keep track of the issues being reported.

Making it known I did a High Intensity Damnation Run and had 1 Grim with us at the end of it. Didn’t receive an Emperor’s gift. Played a Zealot, did die once during the run.

shouldnt it come after every mission now?

Did not receive a Gift on my first mission after the patch. Malice, Zealot, no deaths, assassination, no special conditions (quickplay).

EDIT - two more missions done, all Malice + Zealot + did not go down. Got one Gift in total, on my third mission: disable radio broadcast, high intensity.

Didn’t receive Emperor’s gift on Malice, low intensity, extracted with 2 grims, no one went down or died during the run. Played Zealot.

Same did a herecy low intensity with grims first game after patch didn’t get the emperors gift, restarted the game and tried another normal herecy mission without getting a gift. both runs were done on my zealot if that matter.


This just happened to me. Damnation, Psyker, Comms-Plex, no deaths.

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