65+ missions on malice and higher difficulty as zealot, not once have i received an emperors gift (not even gray quality)

Issue Description: Equipping curios with a trait that alters your mission rewards is bugged leading you to never get weapons as emperor’s gifts after missions. I first thought this was rng, but after 65 missions complete without any curios with said trait and receiving 0 (zero) emperors gifts i reached out to people on discord who have similar experiences.

Steps to Reproduce:
Play a game with curios that have said stat and unequip them.

Mission Name (If Applicable):

Platform: Steam

Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:


I’m having the same issue in a similar situation, I’ve gotten 2 emperor’s gift between level 1-5, now I’m level 30 with 40 missions on my sharpshooter and I’ve stopped receiving emperor’s gift. I just thought it was a mechanics for early levels before I came across post on reddit about dropping good gear with gifts. Though I’ve never equiped curios that changes that alter mission rewards. Since I thought it was only an early game mechanics I even thought it was pretty much a waste of stats

For more context on my account, I started a Preacher in the beta played him up to level 8 and got some gifts iirc, after release I played a veteran until level 30 and only got two gifts very early and that’s it.

Also yesterday we started a Ogryn with a friend up to level 5 and only he, got gifts from emprah.

I’ve gotten a lot of purples and oranges since launch. Maybe every 5th or 6th match on average. Not at all what it was like during pre-order beta where I rarely got any.

Same issue, really takes motivation out of playing as you dont get rewarded ever… last emperor’s gift i saw as before lvl 14 and now that im lvl 30 havent seen a single one from that point on.

Yeah it’s strangely hit or miss.
I got like 5 emperor’s gifts in a row one day, than nothing for a week. it’s very strange.

the last emperor’s gift i got on my zealot was at level like… 6? at 8 i put on my first curio on the character that included the increased curio reward modifier. character is 28 now. Extremely dumb

I feel like I get an orange every other game. Too bad it’s always an Autogun.

There is a Post in Steam Community where ppl figured out the Emperors Gifts are caped at ~10 a Week.
Please help up the awareness to get this changed asap

Concerned… I had a zealot on gamepass that received several emperor’s gift. I bought the game on steam and now, since the level 5, I never got an emperor’s gift…
A solution needs to be found… I don’t think about starting again a new zealot… I would prefer give up the game.

Seems fixed with the 1.0.21… at least my char received an emperor’s gift for the first time for 50 missions