Maybe Bug with "Gift of the Emperor" as bonus reward from end of Mission

Hey i got a Relic that gives me a 20% chance to get a Relic after a Mission as “Gift of the Emp” and i got now 3 Days in a row a Legendary Relic out of my First Mission of the day. I got no other relic as reward the other times of the days only grey wapons.

I don’t know if it is a Loot bug or im just got insane Luck.

Maybe its buggy because of Itemlvl i cant get blue/epic Relics? so its always Legendary than? Probably the Droprate is buged/to high.

Greetings Sivvi

I do not receive a gift from the emperor, and at the end of each game.
I have 0 kills displayed at the end of the game, as if my stats did not count, I use the ogryn