KNOWN ISSUE: Crashing at Random, Due to GPU-Related Errors

This game is still crashing for me so I am giving up on playing it. Fix your broken garbage game.


I was playing gamepass but i bought it on steam

Since the today patch, i still crashed (i also activated dlss3 and rtx to max)

BUT, i had an idea. i just stopped to watch streams on second monitor and didnt crashed so far

try it !

Using DLSS too? Please report back how it works.

I switched to standard branch, patched, then back to experimental and re-validated files. Switched back to stable branch and re-validated again.
It didn’t re-download any files other that Steamworks common redist afaik, are the branches the same now? Did I miss the message?

Re: Threads: I’d still try a more reasonable worker thread count on 5900x-5950x.
It may be moot past a certain point anyways as I do not know the inner workings of the game engine, but a worker thread count of 4-8 might yield better results (purely a hunch). Other than stuff like Cinebench I doubt there’s much software, let alone any game that parallelized past a certain thread count . I wish there was a proper game benchmark to test threads and core affinity.

FWIW, I had one crash today when switching characters but otherwise ran stable for the rest session, 4-5 maps (non-beta branch). I even turned RT GI back on.

After latest patch/hotfix I managed to complete a whole mission with default settings for the first time ever! :pray:

Fullscreen (only windowed worked last patch)
Worker threads - 3/4
DLSS Balanced
Reflex on
60 fps cap
auto/high settings

Fixes I’ve tried that migth affect this, except patch/hotfix:

  • threaded streamer OFF in settings file (see info in this thread)
  • Windows security tweaks (see earlier in this thread for info on how to force certain settings)
  • Windows security exceptions for every folder and exe connected to both Darktide and Easy AntiCheat
  • Clearing shader cache
  • DDU uninstall in safe mode and fresh drivers
  • Increased windows disk cache thingy (help me with the name?)
  • Prayed to the Machine Spirit
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is that a NEW Experimental patch or did you went to normal and went back to Experimental it already had 1gb update it was the old version can you clarify?
what is the “pushed threads to match your 5950x” did you set it to default or what number and what was your default?

The new patch made the game WAY more stable, but still crashed.

GUID: a795b49c-5a97-4ca6-8e1c-0fc1ffa2e525
Log File:
Info Type:

GUID: e06a4237-8eb8-4f58-b0c3-49af89b6724e
Log File:
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console-2022-12-08-00.31.48-e06a4237-8eb8-4f58-b0c3-49af89b6724e.log (258.4 KB)

I really hope this is a large topic in the dev blog this week. Too many people are continuing to be unable to play.

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GUID: 8d4023cb-2488-4c71-a61c-d1fa2dd137ca
Log File:
Info Type:

Found a fix for myself, just dont know if all or which of these three things i did fixed it. Have an AMD 6900, brand new, other games are fine, no crashes. Got a crash in here every 2-3 mins in game. So I tried the fix up top, no progress. I deleted the shaders folder in the game directory, made a shortcut to game launcher from game folder to desktop, ran as administrator, game ran fine. Also my windows firewall finally gave me the option to allow this game access. So now the game is fine, probably losing out without the shaders but at least i can play.

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At this point, I am so done with this CTD. So many tries and fails.
For now I just rather spend my times to play something else more stable, even with bugs.


This is to just show how much I love your game, even with 3-4 crashes each match.

GUID: 592585ee-2788-4eb1-bd52-116795082a15
Log File:
Info Type:
console-2022-12-08-04.01.57-592585ee-2788-4eb1-bd52-116795082a15.log (291.3 KB)
crash_dump-2022-12-08-04.01.57-592585ee-2788-4eb1-bd52-116795082a15.dmp (816.1 KB)
One crash after 1.0.14 hotfix and that’s it.


Has it crashed since??

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Wait, you deleted the entire “shader_cache” folder?

P.S. You don’t need a separate shortcut to run as Admin if you always want it to run as such, you can set it on Launcher.exe file Compatibility properties.
Settings propagate from Launcher->EAC->Dartkide.exe

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Increased windows disk cache thingy (help me with the name?)
Did you mean the page file? Usually better to leave it be unless otherwise specified afaik ?



It hasnt crashed since

Deleted the entire “shader_cache” folder, and the reason i made a shortcut is because im using steam, otherwise steam launches it without admin privileges.

GUID: 0053a96a-9080-4178-9601-615d5983d166
Log File:
Info Type:

crash_dump-2022-12-08-06.09.30-0053a96a-9080-4178-9601-615d5983d166.dmp (960.6 KB)
console-2022-12-08-06.49.10-caf59cd0-1fab-4f9b-89dd-f039ba115634.log (6.8 KB)

GUID: caf59cd0-1fab-4f9b-89dd-f039ba115634
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2022-12-08-06.49.10-caf59cd0-1fab-4f9b-89dd-f039ba115634.log (173.9 KB)
crash_dump-2022-12-08-06.49.10-caf59cd0-1fab-4f9b-89dd-f039ba115634.dmp (899.2 KB)