Kick vote visible to all players

The kick vote should be visible to all players, as it is in almost every other game.

  1. If the kick is for poor reasons, at least the person getting kicked has an opportunity to express their displeasure.

  2. If the vote doesn’t pass, at least the person knows something is awry, and can leave if they desire.

Having an anonymous kick vote encourages anonymous kicking. If a kick is desired, basic integrity requires you say why, unless it is exceptionally obvious.


I agree.

… by tossing the grimoire? I’m not that big on vote kicks, but I think it’s pretty optimistic to expect people to manage to coherently voice their opinion during the vote kick window.

I think if you would not vote kick someone, don’t vote “yes”, so I don’t think anyone needs to be able to voice their displeasure; If majority agree that you should be kicked, they are unlikely to change their minds based on your display of “displeasure” (whether or not they are right in initiating the kick vote). The onus “to explain”, if there is need for it, should be on the one initiating the vote.


Didn’t even realise it was anonymous. Thanks for enlightening me.

Never had the need, so can’t argue for or against this tbh.

exactly and since it isn’t public there is no reason to explain, it’s anonymous

as for the grim, that is a highly specific circumstance

There are many comparable situations where you can extract petty(?) vengeance for getting kicked. From FF (bombs) to jumping off ledges with tomes.

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Oh well big deal, if you are kicking them it’s because they already griefing you… right?

If the kick is being used as it should be…

Extracting petty vengeance after being kick voted does not mean they were griefing… right? I mean people do retaliate if they feel they are being treated unfairly, even if they were model citizens before that point. It’s not a new concept: See “going postal”.

Jesus buddy just tell them before you kick them for petty reasons. It’s politeness.

People can be petty without being kicked for petty reasons. Nothing implies the kick reason was petty. So what are you going on about?

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Listen champ if you treat people fairly very few will react poorly.

It’s a simple concept - if a kick vote is initiated against someone they’ve got a right to know what’s going on.

If you’re worried about people griefing you after a kick vote, it’s probably because you’re behaving like a knob and kicking them mid round so a mate can take their spot, or kicking them based on level.

Enough said, honestly. Maybe the devs change it to be in line with everything else, but it’s unlikely.


You are correct, Ilex. If they know they are getting kicked, they will definitely retaliate one way or another. I highly doubt anyone is going to argue their case before being kicked, especially in a game like this.

And no, Drifter, I don’t see why they have the right to know they are getting kicked. All it does is give someone a reason to throw a match before being forced out. No one is going to try to defend themselves. If you want to debate with someone on your team, you can already do that, and then votekick after. There’s absolutely no reason they would need to know they are in the process of being kicked. By the time there’s a votekick up, there’s hardly even time to argue before the vote is finished. There is time, however, to ruin an entire match.

There’s been plenty of times where we had to kick someone for obscene amounts of team damage, team killing, or running on very far ahead alone (like to an entirely new section of the map) and dieing. After kicking these guys, they become so petty, they will try to join back to your match and throw it by killing you. They know what they’ve done, especially after they get kicked. Just imagine how easy it will be for them to retaliate when they know they are getting booted. It’s bad enough it tells them they got kicked and not disconnected from the host.

Also you don’t have to be condescending to people because they disagree with you.

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How can I not be condescending to people whose solution to people ‘retaliating if they fell they are being treated unfairly’ is to engage in anonymous subterfuge?

Treat people fairly and honestly and these sorts of problems rarely appear.

Those guys are coming back into your game to have a word to you because you are behaving like a rude bastard, and not even giving them a chance to rectify their behaviour, leave on their own terms, and finally not having the guts to let them know they’re being kicked.

You and all lobby kickers etc who behave like that, you deserve to have the damn grim tossed.

Maybe if that happened enough you’d have to change.

Bah, all this levelling crap stuffs this community. This is a L4D clone and kicking was rare in the co-op game. It was saved for all the idiots in versus.

Something tells me you got kicked from a game for being an ass so you came here to angrily make this thread.

Just for the record, my friends and I always give multiple warnings and ask people nicely to stop doing things like running on ahead and dieing, or throwing bombs at teammates. We don’t even kick people if we are near the end of a match. Only in the lobby when we are done playing with them, or in the first third of the match when they have been continuously making problems for multiple games.

You are right, problems like this rarely appear, because people tend to know what they are doing by the time they get into Legend difficulty. I can’t speak for anything lower. We don’t go around kicking everyone we don’t like, or who we don’t think is pulling their weight. We kick people who, due to carelessness or malicious intent, hinder the team continuously. It does not matter if they rarely show up, the kick feature in the game needs to be able to get rid of them as efficiently as possible for the betterment of everyone else. If I ask them to stop multiple times, its not going to make a difference if they want to beg when they are being kicked. It’s better that we can just be rid of them, because we shouldn’t have to play with those types of people.

Because we rarely kick, we also rarely encounter people who would seek petty revenge. We didn’t deserve to get team killed because a guy came back after running ahead and dieing, throwing a bomb at two teammates and killing them in the process, and then proceed to insult everyone else on the team for protecting someone while they are getting the grim and not running ahead with him. Hardly a matter of him being “treated unfairly” as you put it. The only unfair treatment is our team having to play with these people in the first place.

So we deserve to have our grims tossed because we don’t want to play with asses? Interesting. Also it’s pretty easy to not be condescending, and have an actual discussion.

With you I can, as your comments are mostly well considered in that post.

The situations you are describing are fair kicking, assuming carelessness means people who ff you because they don’t give a stuff.

You’re also warning people, which is a situation I’m yet to encounter in pub servers.

But this behaviour is the exception and not the rule in pub matches with randoms.

My kicks have been for being perceived as too low level, not having a great game, random rude ones for no good reason, perhaps just because they could, and some lobby kicks for being the last man standing and hence blamed for not reviving some superstar. Or just for not having the greatest round.

You seem to think that a public vote is to allow people to beg to oppose a kick, but no one wants to do this in practice. It is simply about transparency.

The grim situation is unfortunate, but if you are being genuinely griefed by someone the round is usually stuffed anyway.

I think you shouldn’t be allowed to kick someone if you have progressed a certain distance. mean people have kicked me right as we are about to complete the mission just to be rude