Khornado pops into a bigger diameter randomly

Many times I saw that it begins as a small diameter effect, then it pops into a full circle without any transition.

2nd thing (which is a suggestion):
Make it damaging the enemies as well. So unfair now. Let’s see:
Storms do
Rattlings do
Flamers do
Bosses do
PopKhorne does
Gasrats do
Puspopping nurgle pets do

Everything damages the enemies but this. Lots of runs began with this, lots of times host quits. The other 3 sucks.

Make the tornados spawning time a bit higher, this is too frequent especially in tunnely maps. The spawning time could decrease with higher diff, but on cata it’s just nuts that it’s always present and down nothing to enemies. Or decrease the damage and make the enemies suffer as well.

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