Blood Tornados and +Specials

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt this way in the past week of playing Chaos Wastes, but I do feel that the Khorne Blood Tornados and the +Specials Affix need some serious tuning. A quick note: I play almost exclusively Cata, so these issues could be tuned better in lower difficulties, but I wouldn’t know.

To start, the Blood Tornados (or AIDSnados as I’ve seen tons of people call them): They are ridiculously over tuned right now. The spawn very fast, so if a red circle pops up underneath you while you’re running, you can guarantee that you are taking some damage. Speaking of damage, I’m not sure what the actual dmg numbers are, but every time I get caught in a 'nado I feel shocked by the amount of damage I take before I can either run out of the circle, or it disappears, its usually anywhere from 20-40 dmg that I sustain. The rate at which the 'nados spawn is very frequent, which normally wouldn’t be something I care about, but the amount of damage combined with the spawn rate makes these one of the most consistent run enders we encounter. Unlike the exploding skull, the 'nados seem to do no damage to mobs, so they can’t even be used like the skulls to help manage hordes. My final note on the ‘nados is that the red circle to indicate the spawn is VERY difficult to spot most of the time. It’s a very pale red, and on Khorne maps the whole ambience is red, making them far too difficult to spot before they spawn most of the time. Basically, we frequently get cornered by the tornados’ spawns and then decimated by hordes we either can’t maneuver around, or a combo of hordes and tornados. These things need fixing. BAD.

Next, the +Specials affix really needs to be nerfed, especially when it appears on the first of the two CoE maps. My last three runs on CoE have had +specials, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s a CONSTANT flow of specials. Our runs have had anywhere from 6-9 specials at any one time, and we are doing everything in our power to keep their numbers down. It usually ends the run with us pinned by a horde and 2-3 Blightstormer tornados that pull us through 2 gas clouds while 2 of us are either getting jumped on by assassins or hooked by the “reachy, grabby things”. I’ve completed cata runs on 4/5 heroes, and these two problems have caused probably 90% of run failures out of approximately 40+ runs.

Fatshark, please, for the love of god, release a tuning patch for these. Oh, and maybe deal with the numerous connectivity issues while you’re in there. Kthanksbye <3

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