Anyone else feel like Khorne week on citadel is hands down the worst week to run it?

I don’t know what else to say, I don’t play quick play much do to bad connection, so I tend to try and stick with bots. But the main thing that always causes wipes for me is Blood Tornado’s. Most other effects I can handle with ease, but the A.I just sticks to the tornado’s and take way too much damage.
I’m not sure what to make of it, sometimes it feels like Blood Tornado’s really shouldn’t effect bots damage wise like the depleting health debuff you can get from Slaanesh missions.

I’ve had plenty of perfectly good runs, purely ended on this alone because the bots can’t handle blood tornado’s in such small areas and given the last two citadel maps are full of them, well, at this point it feels pointless to even try on weeks like this.

I dunno, its a bit dependent on which modifiers you get but miasma and bolts can be difficult as heck with players, let alone with bots.

Cant say i feel the khornados are particularly bad, just a bit too difficult to notice they´re starting nearby or under you if anything if memory serves.

See the problem is, I can walk away and out of the Tornado’s with ease. But if there’s a horde or say some elites on the otherside of the Tornado? Bots will just tunnel vision into the tornado, taking endless stacking damage to try and reach the mobs behind. Maybe I should just git gud, but it’s annoying knowing that this modifier alone easily shags the A.I up, while other modifier effects don’t well affect the bots at all.

I would say definitely tzeentch with bolts is the most random crap you can ever encounter especially with quickplay parties. Good luck when you got 2 chaos spawns on those small platforms with multiple elites on top of that.

Bolts of change can just turn any random horde into a boss party…at which point your bots are completely screwed anyway. And with miasma its easy to get cornered and screwed by any number of evil things one can encounter even with a team.

Heck, with bots i cant help but wonder if the exploding gas enemies (nurgle curse) also doesnt just outright kill the bots when you get a load of em in a horde.

Really, no matter how i think about it, it doesnt seem like those wastes were meant to be 100% winnable with people helping you, let alone bots…buuuut, i do agree that bots should be at least trying to dodge the torandoes rather than run into them.

Although they kinda do that to gas so i am not too sure there´s any hope of a fix.

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