Nurgle-hexed (Poisoned gas) enemies on Citadel (Final)

First off, loving the chaos wastes, the rouge-lite elements are something that is just right up my alley. Just got around to getting to the citadel today after the chaos gods switch from Khorne, and if I were to provide some feedback, it would to maybe reduce the amount of hexed enemies that spawn, or shrink the size of the gas that comes out of the slain enemies. It was frustrating to have hexed enemies spawn in from all 4 sides, , then cover the whole area in gas and have no area in which I was safe from the gas, in addition to being shot from long range enemies that I cant see to begin with because of said gas. I should also add that the AI will just walk into the gas, unaware of it and down themselves, or shoot the hexed enemies themselves, adding to the frustration. Any suggestion from other players and or devs is welcome, as I am mildly miffed at this whole encounter. Thank you!

Its brutal, I agree, easily the hardest affix to deal with on this map, but its manageable with teamwork, issue is teamwork is hard to come by if you pug runs.

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