Kerrillian does not have a seat at the table

At the start of the new map Quiet Drink, there’s a table for 4, Markus’s plate has sausages arranged in his initials, Bardin’s axe is inserted into the table next to four plates of breakfest, Sienna has a flaming chalice, Saltzpyre doesn’t have any manners with his hat on the table. Why is Kerrillian segregated!

You know why


But i want to be honest. I had not noticed the details. maybe she had dinner in a different location?

Yep, her place is a bit separate from the others… Within sight from a few rat corpses stuck with arrows.

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A queen proper, doesn’t eat with common folk.


Common folk dont eat with filthy wutelgis

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Typical mayflies


Assassin is OP


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