Kerillian aggro

Kerillian seems to have ridiculous boss aggro before you even damage bosses.

Why play Ironbreaker when you can just be Kerillian and host games :open_mouth:

I noticed this when I’m not the host even, team will be laying into the boss with everything they have when I haven’t even moved yet, and it goes straight for me…

Maybe the bosses hate her obnoxious ego just as much as her team mates do…


Assuming it works like it does in many (MMO)RPGs, this might be due to healing aggro. The boss spawns, and has an empty aggro list, so would just pick whatever target is closest. One healing tick occurs, which generates some amount of aggro, that player immediately jumps to the front of the aggro list.

Probably the tendency for WS players to use trueshot as often as possible.

Awh, does she make you feel small, mayfly?


Could just add Bardin’s taunt voicelines to Shade for when stealth breaks too.

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there was a post about this somewhere in the beta bug forums i think. guy said that whenever a boss was activated it would go straight for kerrilian, no matter where he was hiding, and his group tested it several times, deliberately not engaging the boss.

i guess, elf meat is too sweet =)

but this doesn’t happen in my games tho. boss aggro works somewhat predictably on whoever’s doing the most damage to it.

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I’m used to this since V1 where this was even worse. Kerrillian was Always number 1 target for the ogre even if you didn’t fire a single arrow. In V2 it’s not close to that bad but yeah, most bosses focus me even when I’ve not even started to attack them.

Also it can be manipulated with staggers, bosses seem to mostly change target after they’ve been stunned.

Im inclined to agree here, playing HM exclusively, I find it hard to KEEP agro on a boss to kite it around while my team kills it.

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