Host being focused by enemies?

Been playing a few games and noticed that most enemies will focus you over anyone else. You can see this best when specials appear and seem to ignore everyone and make a route straight for you. The same thing seems to be happening with bosses.

Was trying to play Daggers on Shade, so this was a bit of a nightmare.

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Yeah, i can’t really say that it’s true or false, but a few times a hookrat would just walk past me to grab a dude like 20m away. Maybe thats because he wanted to grab host instead of me? Or just interesting AI decision. The one thing i noticed though is that specials(disablers esp), tend to focus one target(in my experience, might not be a thing). So maybe you just got unlucky there, and that target was you.

Can see the hordes are all facing me while I stand at the back and they only target other people when they get close. Also Chaos Knights are doing all of the elf voice lines even when they’re not engaged.

I have also noticed this as someone who regularly hosts for my friends, but its hard to confirm if this is literally true.

Anecdotally, if my friends are in front of me and aggro a pack of say, stormvermin, often some of the pack runs straight through them to attack me without me so much as attacking or doing anything to aggro them. I have also noticed that specials will attack me even if I am farther away from it than other players.

Is this why they go for the elf so often? (considering most elves play host so they get to play their elf!) I just figured they had preferences in their diet, now I won’t be able to joke around anymore D:

Yeah the focus is kinda weird sometimes, you can mostly see it on bosses.
I first though Stormfiend focused any target dealing a decent amount of damage to his back, but it seems sometimes he keep on focusing and pinning down our host while I destroy his back, and sometimes other boss just keep on focusing the elf (usually me, but happened with other elf on my team) while me AND the host are bursting him down and the elf is dodging around and blocking.

It feels weird BUT I like it in some way. It makes ennemis unpredictable, and you can never know what they’re actually gonna do x’D

I really hope this is not the case. Or if it is there can be a fix in a reasonable time frame.

Now that you mention it, I have noticed this… maybe this is why those damn gutter runners always pick on me! :frowning:

Although I notice it most with bosses, a lot of times the boss will immediately aggro to me even though I’m the furthest away and haven’t so much as poked him yet, while my teammates are beating the crap out of him. It happens so much that whenever a boss spawns I just immediately go into kiting mode XD

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In a game earlier we were sat laughing. Two gutter runners were trying to only catch me and I was hiding behind a pole. They just rolled around until my team kill them. Weird.

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