Kerrilian Waystalker Piercing Shot no CD refund upon Headshot

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Tested on dummy.

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With no additional description I’m a little confused.

It sounds like you are hoping the piercing effect of the bows in Kerillian’s arsenal would provide 2 ammunition back when you pierce the skulls of 2 enemies with 1 arrow, but this is not the case: the additional ammunition is only yielded on the first target hit and only if the first target was hit with a headshot.

according to the tool tip, if a head shot occurs, you get 100% cooldown back. So I assumed that would make ulty spammable. It doesn’t work on dummy but it works in game just tested it out.

Wrong category, my friend. There is an extra WoM bug section.

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Dummies dont count as an enemy. if you shade ult, it wont break upon hitting a dummy. if you have grudge and scrounger, you wont get ammo on crit if you melee. id assume that piercing shot works the same

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