Kerillian's duggers visual

Kerillian’s daggers in 3rd person looks a lot like short swords rather than daggers, and it is hard to tell the difference at a first glance. I know I usually think an elf goes with dual swords or sword’n dagger before I realize that those are daggers.
I have a hit that it might be due to a proper hit detection but I do believe there are ways around it that would still represent daggers as daggers and not swords in size.

So here’s a problem:
Here’s Kerillian’s arm length to dagger’s blade length in 1st person

And here’s how it looks from a 3rd person view:

  1. Sword’s blade length
  2. Dagger’s blade length
  3. How it should actually look if sized with proportions of the 1st person view. I must say, it looks waaaay more authentic

So, can we scale daggers to the proper size without breaking hit detection system?
I can see it done with daggers having “a visible outline” and “an invisible outline” that actually detects hits. And so that in won’t look wierd for Kerillian to whip the air and yet hit enemies from 3rd person, to add somewhat “hit trail” that would represent an actual dagger’s lenght and also make daggers attacks look dashingly cool


I bet in warhammers universe everything is bigger. And better. You saw those hammers? They are like smith’s tool size, not a weapon

Barely a bug, more of a design choice. Topic would fit better under the “feedback” section!

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I always accepted it as big dagger and short sword

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