Elf All Dual Weapons Animations use same animations in 3rd view

So I was wondering why Kerilian all three dual weapons ( dual daggers, dual swords, dagger&sword ) share same animations in the 3rd person view?

While 1st person animations feels really amazing, and pleasing to my eyes ( especially daggers and their block animation ). When I see other elf players its really hard to notice what kind of weapon she uses, because even daggers have really BIG weapon model. I mean its huge as heck.

When i look at Kruber, he uses 2hander i know he will deal with hordes but lacks against armored , but when i look at elf with dual weapons i have no idea what she is supposed to do. Elite killer (DD) or crowd-control (DS). Other characters weapons are easy to distinct from their animation pattern.

It would be nice to see these animations to be applied to her 3rd person though. Same would apply to Slayers dual axes blocking animation, 3rd person block doesn’t makes sense if he blocks with 1 axe instead of 2axes crossed together. Just like dual daggers.

Its not really game breaking, but more immersive breaking and confusing for players.


I’ve noticed this too. First person DD are held pointing down which looks baller, but then in third person they’re held pointing up…

Yeah exactly, which is also very confusing. I hope they would reintroduce matching animations for 1st and 3rd person

yes block in 3r person elf use only 1 weapon to block and looks very bad… in 1st person she use 2 weapons to block and looks cool.

Because Fatshark has one person who does ‘first person animations’ and they aren’t synced up with the third person animations at all. You’ll see a lot of arbitrary positions in the company if you watch the credits, especially in V1.

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