Mismatched animations of Billhook

Animations of heavy attacks of Billhook is a inconsistent.

Initial first-person heavy atack is a stabbing motion. Initial third-person heavy atack is a overhand motion.

Second first-person heavy atack is a overhand motion. Second third-person heavy atack is a stabbing motion.

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Well mate, i’m sorry to inform you, but almost all first and third person animations don’t match. This is likely never going to be fixed…


What he said.

First person animations are made by different people than the third person ones, and the only ones FS cares about are the first person ones. They’re the ones you see all the time and impact the combat and stuff.

I would love to see 90% of the third person animations overhauled to make them more accurate and better looking… but when it comes to priorities there are a lot of other things I think FS should work on first.


Why just dont make it right from the start. Thats the question. Its like “we doing it garbage, and we wont repair it cause we dont have time”

Because it’s a design choice to have better 1st person feel that doesn’t depends on 3rd person animation looking realistic. It happens in a lot of multiplayer FPS, and is a known technique. Since 1st Person movements will not look realistic at all if seen in 3rd person.


Exactly that. Matching a 3pp anim to a 1pp anim is really weird. Obviously it would be ideal, but then the 1pp would look really weird if it had realistic anims based on the 3pp. and if we put the 3pp anims on the 1pp then you’d be even more off put.


Gosh, noone ever said about being realistic, it is about this thread example, where attacks goes in wrong order, or elven spear block animation, when she decides grab it point left to block and point right to attack. Thats moronic

Or saltz flail completely missing push-followup attack animation in 3pp

This is far beyond affecting realism of 1pp

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