WHY kerrilian daggers don't kill

Forum - tell me this. Is this a bug that kerillian double danggers don’t kill armored skaven on headshot in 1 heavy hit. Patch notes say that she is suppose to be able to do that on +15% power (on skaven + armored).


outdated but;

read the readme as well

You aren’t specifying difficulty ?

It’s all relative to Crit Etc.

2 headshots can kill on Leg with about 15% ( both daggers hitting the head )

But ! the margin of error is relatively HIGH considering Target / angle and so forth.


Yep, hitting the head with both daggers is tough.

But hitting them in the head with one dagger staggers enough to do a second charged and finish them off with an easy body shot

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As other haves said, you’re probably only landing 1 dagger in the head.
In case you didn’t know, you can throw out the second charge attack quicker, by letting go of lmb early, which makes for a quick follow up to finish them off.

because damage isnt enough and charged hit wont inflict two times on enemies but dummies.
as that being said daggers are in quite a weird place, meant to be the strongest offensive weapon above all but in reality it lacking damage, defense and cleave.

You’re replying to a 9 month old discussion back then balance was different.

No that would be going to 2h weapons exclusively. Dual Daggers is a fast and mobile weapon that is able to deal considerable single target dmg if the head is hit just like the rapier.


If you’re not hitting with both daggers try aiming higher.

Lololol lets see how long can we keep this post goin.

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