Kerillian Lore

Meh, too easy. In my head canon she ends up with Salty. I bet Salty is a freak in the sheets.

I really hope we get a DLC focused around each character and their back stories. Love to go to the southern continent for Bardins hold he’s looking for. Do what ever stupid Sigmar crap Salty wants to do and finally some maps to try and end Kerillians curse.


HAH! That’s fun. I’m willing to bet there’s no emotion; he is just raw, Imperial efficiency. Aside from that: not all wood-elves have black eyes, but it’s not exactly world-breaking if they do. It’s just another color of eyes, if I’m not wrong.

Lastly, I think the counting kills thing is part of the curse because of her interactions with Sienna in VT1. Sienna comments that, “The Weave around you stirs with every rat-man you slay.” I’m fairly sure this is why everyone else believes it as well.

Couldn’t agree more; I really like where @LordRhinark is headed with his theory. Elves aren’t exactly prepared to throw their lives away at a moments notice, so why not pick up a pack of humans and a dwarf who are more than prepared to leap into the fray?


I dunno man, the religious nut jobs are normally the most perverse… I could see Salty getting into some srs BDSM :joy:

As for kerillian, she also hints via dialogue that she killed a lot of humans at hogarts bridge or something. Not sure how it’s spelt, but I know it’s in the general area, next province over. So I’m guessing she was just killing whatever she could until she caught wind of the rat men and teamed up with these guys to maximise the slaughter.

Wood elves do not consider humans or even dwarfs as equals. I know they think of humans like vermin or insects. So I’m guessing she would have had no issues exterminating them whenever the chance would arise.


I feel the way Kerillian interacts with Kruber and Sienna in particular shows she’d probably have difficulty killing them. Maybe she slaughtered humans in the past, but those two? And other humans upon getting to know them? I doubt she’d be able. It’s clear in a lot of her dialogue that although she pretends to view them with contempt she has some degree of appreciation for them.

She’s very tsundere to put it in weeb terms. “Don’t die, Sienna. You’re the least annoying one.” and a quite shaken, upset one when Kruber dies that I can’t quite remember are very cute lines. Of course there are some really cold “character died” lines for all of them but I choose to believe they’re not “canon”, lol.

I guess it’s possible she might if forced, though. I actually wonder whether she was the one to kill the humans at the bridge; in that line it seems like she’s just trying to get a reaction out of Saltzpyre.

Maybe I just have too much faith in her. :sweat_smile:


I think you’ve pretty much nailed it on the head; every member of the Uber-Doober 5 is a death-weapon and none are to be trifled with, but I still believe Kerillian is fairly soft-hearted in the end.

I’d say that those really cold lines are actually attributed to the battle-hardened veterans of the group who fight and kill for a living, they’re not desensitized, they’ve just trained themselves to hold it back. Allies dying rips them apart emotionally but they can’t show that in the heat of battle; it’s gotta wait for when they get home or they’ll join the dead. I imagine Kruber, especially, has done it a lot… I defer to @BizarreSalp’s excellent Kruber stories for breaking my heart about that lad. I’ll dig them up if I can, I think I favorited them.

@SmokerT69 I do agree that she probably thought about that at the beginning but I think she’s built up an appreciation for them that she can’t discard anymore. They might be the only 4 people in the world who actually care about her life continuing. Bardin, especially, really cares for all of his companions and absolutely panics when one of them takes a dirt-nap… he has little taste for Wutelgi, but Kerillian’s not a Wutelgi anymore; she’s Dawi to him until she irritates him.

Heartbreaking that they’ll all die in a year or two. More depending on the time-frame we are at.


I hope that when support for Vermintide as a franchise is ceased, whenever that may be, that we’ll get a final DLC in which we have to say very emotional farewells to each of the Ubersreik five. :frowning:

Even just imagining having to see them die; their last moments together, makes my nerdy ass a tiny bit teary. :sweat_smile: They could totally make so many people sob if they played their cards right.

A really powerful Halo: Reach style final stand or something. Maybe the one and only level that’s five player.

Also, listen to this laugh:

There’s no way she could hurt Sienna. :blush:


This conversation has got me all emotional about the Uber-Doober 5. I hate it when the good guys lose… it makes for a better story, but I don’t have to be happy about it.

Can someone draw a picture of them having a happy ending? A picnic on a hill looking out and across the Reikland? I only know how to use MS Paint to direct Destiny Raids, not prevent me from feeling these feelings.


I got u, fam. :slight_smile: <3

First set of stories
Second set
Third Set

I also started writing some stories based on the levels - I have not forgotten to write more, but I’ve been straining to finish my first work for publication, alongside my regular work!

The first of those level stories
And a few more


Wow, you’re a great writer. I especially enjoyed the Kerillian stories. (obviously)

I’d probably read a whole Vermintide book from you.


Thanks very much! The idea has crossed my mind to write one . . .


Sorry to double-post, but I am. >_>;

That is a really interesting and awesome theory! I love it, and it makes a lot of sense. I’d donate to your pp if I wasn’t broke lolol.

Totally agree about the black eyes, it’s a lot more ethereal. I also wished that they typically had more of Kerillian’s accent rather than the “generic fantasy English” accent that they get in Total Warhammer. Not that that’s bad on its own, but it seems to often just be a default for every single fantasy race that isn’t growly and monstrous.

I agree that she would never really kill the others of her party. I think she’s actually really fond of them as comrades-in-arms, but keeps aloof because she knows there’s no happy ending there. :frowning: After all, if the world ends, they all die (and certainly she has an inkling that SRS STUFF is going down), and if they win, well - she’ll still outlive them by such a margin that their lives will be more akin to the mayflies she loves to refer to them as.

I think as you mention, she is quite Tsundere and also just has poor social skills. Asrai aren’t known for their social graces, and she’s practically a hermit even by their standards.

Keri x Salty was my first ship in the game. XD At the very least I can see them blowing some stress off . . . They’d both approach it in a casual enough way to avoid emotional entanglement. :stuck_out_tongue: Though if she was to end up with a mayfly for serious, it’d probably be Kruber. He’s efficient, in his own Mayfly sort of way.

Dunno if the Hogart’s Bridge slaughter was before or after her exile? Wood Elves will casually kill anyone who comes into their territory, so if some Imperial troops happened to pass through a forest (they have some presence in some forests in the Empire), they’d kill them even if they don’t normally care.

I just finally got to reading the whole thread. I’m only okay at drawing, but I would like to write a happy-ending story!


Yeah, except for the few fortunate (important) ones like Tyrion, Teclis, Alarielle, Malekith, and so on and so forth (fricking elf plot armor).

I’m rather curious (yet also sickened to my very core) at the prospect of inter-breeding between species in Warhammer being a possibility.

It’s more or less confirmed to be possible with Daemons (Nurglite Daemons, of all things) due to the very existence of Orghotts Daemonspew (whom we will no longer speak of from this point forward), but otherwise, I don’t recall any canonical half-breeds in the lore.

It definitely leads to some… “interesting” thoughts when forces such as the Slaaneshi are taken into consideration (whom literally find everything and everyone frickable).


“Not now, witch!” - Saltzpyre, upon receiving friendly fire from Sienna.

“Save it for later, Saltzpyre.” - Sienna, upon receiving friendly fire from Saltzpyre.


Cough cough

Reminds me of a conversation in the keep.

Kerillian: Oh, really? I have to endure the sight and sound of you two every single day and it drains my sanity. Apparently I’m not as good at shutting out the world as I used to be.

Kruber: Then try harder. We do.

Kruber’s too pure for this world. My man just wanted to retire, get himself a farm, and drink some ale, but instead he caught himself a nasty case of post-traumatic stress disorder, a rat infestation, and the literal end of the world.

Uhm, I’d honestly rather strap actual dynamite to my pelvis and blast my wiener c l e a n o f f all the way to kingdom frick in a botched circumcision attempt than suffer the absolute disgrace that is resorting to e-begging complete strangers for currency over the internet.

I may be a scumfrick rat bastard and a complete and utter shitelord, but I’m an honourable one at that, and I’d sooner see myself damned straight to Tartarus for my numerous transgressions against human decency, common sense, and the occasional random bystander on the street, than sully the in hindsight rather questionable reputation I’m desperately trying to uphold.

Oh yeah, this is a Kerillian lore thread. I dearly hope this is laden with enough irony not to banish me to the Ban Realm. Please papa Fatshark I don’t want no trouble.

I think Saltzpyre and Sienna are a pretty obvious ship and they totally would be extremely crazy in the bedroom; get up to all kinds of kinky shenanigans.

He’s totally soft on her and shows that provided the forces of Chaos was defeated he’d let her go. I’m pretty sure he has the hots too, and they act like a bickering old couple.

My favourite dialogue goes something like this:

Saltzpyre: I must admit… Flames do lend themselves well to purification.

Sienna: Oh, stop it, you’ll make me blush.

Saltzpyre: Wha- That’s not what I… WITCH!!!

He acts like an embarrassed teenager that doesn’t want to admit they like someone. And I find it kind of funny how eagerly and excitedly he cheers on Sienna as she burns heretics, despite her being a wizard.


Well, looks like we’ve shipped Sienna and Salty, Krubs and Kerillian. I guess that confirms that Geneviève Dieudonné ends up with Bardin :joy:


I mean, I’ve had the same sort of response a few times.

“Hey, T, you’re not great at video games.”

“Wha- That’s not at al- WITCH!!!”

Works in pretty much every conversation. Try it!


Don’t worry, I absolutely knew you were joking, and so was I! XD I should have phrased mine more obviously comically.

And yeah, Saltz x Sienna is totally obvious, the clearest ship in the game, but I can still imagine Keri and Saltz!

You know, I bet she never has taken up with a Dwarf, he might live long enough for it to be interesting, though she was last just with Detlef Sierck, as I recall. Also, Dwarves are pretty conservative and want their womenfolk staying at home, which would probably grow boring for Genevieve. She loves to change her life up. And Dwarves also kinda hate the undead.



That’s adorably accurate. I need to see this for real. :weary:

So, i had a few games and something just clicked… nearly every time Kerillian takes ammo, she says “I’m glad Araloth isn’t here to see me use this worthless ammo”. That voice line has been in game since release and I never paid it any mind lol.

So yea, the whole Araloth is family voice line is making a lot more sense now.


As @Angerblaze and @SmokerT69 have said, the black eye thing isn’t abnormal, but iirc it extended to high elves and dark elves back in the day too (as they’re all one kind originally in warhammer fantasy). It was just an early Games Workshop design that got dropped(-ish) later and nowadays you see either depending on whose portrayal of the setting it is.

It’s hard to say if it’s just for Kerillian, wood elves or all elves in Vermintide as Kerillian’s the only elf we’ve seen in the game, but it’s probable FS just liked the old shark eye design better as it sets the elves apart more and went with it.

@Haybear already brought it up but Total War Warhammer is a good example of the opposite, all the elves there have human-style eyes, including the wood elves.

This is my favourite part of the theory as it just feels so right.

Was that ever explained for warhammer fantasy? It makes sense for 40K as the eldar orgied Slaanesh into existence but it feels like it was shoehorned into fantasy.

That said, I think the waystones in fantasy act like the ones in 40K for high elves, storing high elven souls. Wood elf souls end up absorbed by Athel Loren but I don’t know if that requires proximity to the worldroots to happen.

The rest either end up in Ereth Khial’s underworld or eaten.

Gotta agree, but I bet it’s a mixture of both - he just acts all cold and efficient while secretly being super into it. I bet his WHC torture skills come in handy on Sienna…

I picture him and the witch being a thing not him and Kerillian though.

I don’t think you’re wrong, even she and Bardin seem to be good friends despite insulting each other for being a prancing wutelgi and stinking dwarf respectively. You hear it at times, like in Against the Grain where Kruber is reminiscing about his family’s cattle and they both troll him together:

Kruber: Waste of good livestock, rotting in the fields. My folks had a small herd of Talabec cows. Lovely breed.

Kerillian: Let me guess, they raised you as one of their own? (laugh)

Bardin: That’s… (laughing) That’s why we never see him when the moons are full. He’s out mooing for his lost kin.

Kerillian: (laughs)

Kruber: (growl) Last time I tell you two anything.

Kerillian: Why of course your bovine majesty!

There’s also the anniversary dialogue between her and the others.

OR! They add Skinky-boi and he and Bardin can laugh at all the sappy, shipped couples while cracking open some boyz with the cold o… wait.

I could’ve sworn I heard a line in the beta (might’ve been in the weaves but I dunno) where Kerillian called him ‘cousin Araloth’ talking about the TKs or so.

He’ll never be as good as Okri.

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