Kerillian Longbow vs Kruber Longbow, and Arcane Bodkin

i needed around 8 headshots to a chaos knight to kill it with Keri longbow at midrange(champ ~520). So yeah, some penetrative power ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) would feel nice.

That is true, and I think that is totally fine. His bow is less mobile, so it should for damage sake do more damage, although my friend seems to think you don’t have to hold the rmb in for very long to get the last stage dmg. Regardless, I still think arcane bodkin should actually allow her to do something to armoured targets like chaos warriors, as currently she doesn’t have any ranged that can do anything to them, aside from headshots.

Kruber’s longbow is overall better than the elf’s. He lacks zoom (accuracy debuff) but it doesn’t matter since his bodyshots are strong enough.

It doesn’t make much sense but it has been like this since the elf received all hate since the very beginning.

Actually damage is the same, elfs just quicker.

Same with her 2hander, light attacks are faster than saltz and kruber.

Arrows get deflected on body shots. So no. Also as I said earlier, max power on legend, Kruber oneshots a Stormvermin even in the chest, while Kerillian needs a headshot or 2 chest shots. Kruber’s bow is only a tiny bit slower at drawing to that state, as I have tested with my friend. So no, not the same damage, a bit quicker, but overall not really. Her headshot damage is higher, however, which is what the other person was pointing out above.

He got higher armor damage on last patch but thats it.

She is faster, about 4 her arrows to kruber 3.

Somebody at fatshark finally got some sense and seen that 4 nerfs in row just made this subclass useless and given him a buff.

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yet kerillian can move with her long bow and kerillian gets better accuracy with her longbow, and yet kerillian can zoom in faster with her long bow, yet kerillian can shoot faster with hero longbow please shutup and don’t compare kruber to kerillian which kerillian still needs a damn nerf. i don’t see kruber getting any of these above.

Kerillian needs a headshot or 2 chest shots

Vermintide 2 bots are very predictable and easy to hs!
If you have problems with hs you should not play kerillian.
i noticed there are a lot of people playing kerillian but cant hit nothing unless her ult is ready.

Nope, see my earlier answer (the table).

Don’t just calculate damage per shot, look at damage per shot and shots per second.

I have absolutely no idea why that is what you drew out from my post.

I was merely comparing the damage.

Standing side by side, his shots were a bit slower, but no insanely so. Like someone above pointed out, Kerillian will probably get 4 shots out by the time Kruber has shot 3 or so.

At this point, what I want to say from all of this is really just that Arcane Bodkin should actually be something that helps with armour rather than headshots. Besides, the talent works with melee weapons too, which is very confusing considering arcane bodkins is an arrow type.

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If you compare shot 2 with shot 2, Kruber shot 3 (the one one-shotting stuff) is much slower, unless you have crazy attack speed increase.

Kerillian’s longbow fires at a much faster rate both charged and uncharged, is more accurate, and has a usable zoom for more reliable headshots. In exchange for being inferior in all those categories, Kruber’s bow does higher bodyshot damage. It’s a fair trade-off, and a classic case of speed & accuracy versus damage.

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You can call it a fair trade, but lategame is dominated by elites/specials. Kruber has a much easier time against them.

Seems people are going at the wrong thing here. I do not mind that his shots do more damage. They should as a trade off.

My issue is that Kerillian, even though she has a talent called Arcane Bodkins, doesn’t have a way to deal with Chaos Warriors at range aside from hitting them in the head 10~ times

Arcane Bodkins are supposed to be arrows that go through armour after all.

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if it makes you feel any better the talent was called hook point arrows in the closed test. if the issue is the name they could just rename it again…
Almost all ranged attacks just bounce off armor unless they crit from what I’ve seen (key word, almost…)
I can promise if they do give her armor pen on all ranged attacks via talent that the people waving around the torches and pitchforks will clamber around in even greater numbers while chanting “nerf! nerf! nerf!”

Honestly it would be better if it was a specific type of longbow with less ammo or something.

Also yeah, most ranged attacks do. This came to mind because Kruber’s longbow could pierce Chaos Warrior armour, and I just don’t see how from a fluff perspective that makes any sense.

Other weapons that go through is the handgun and bolt staff, I believe.

They really should change the name regardless though, because it gives you a bonus to headshot even with melee weapons, which is kind of confusing.

weird… i know it did in the closed test, but in the open beta the headshot bonus on melee was gone… if it’s back i’m not sure what’s up with that.

I think it should work with melee. Well, or something else is fishy. My Party mate tested the Glaive, and if I remember correctly the weapon did better with this than the crit bonus.
Gotta test that myself today.

Good thing she’s not a Waywatcher then, since she’s a WaySTALKER. Mystery solved!

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