Just watch, you will see the problem

I know, sad to say it, they couldn’t be bothered.
Guess they only care about cosmetics and $, I wonder if they use to work at FIFA or EA.
It took a full year to get them to fix the bots running off cliffs from gunners issue. It’s pitiful.
If we don’t get fixed to 3 year old issues people should get fired.

Blood tornadoes working “as intended”? Before I even move.

I literally never moved.
If this was pit of reflection I’d be dead as well.
Bots can not understand blood tornadoes.

Speaking of which

And there is the weapon upgrading, that can leave you defenceless for minutes.

Ironbreaker “rescues” are the worst part about this game.

More backwards respawning, the norsca section of pit of reflection is completely broken

Well, with that attitude, I doubt there will be many people willing to even take a notion of your posts.


After 3 years of no responses, I could care less what they think.
Nice went out the window a while ago.

This seems unnecessary.

The frame drop and stuttering that came in with chaos wastes has fatal side effects, this time it just led to limbo, others you walk through the floor.

These are bugs? Should probably drop it in the bug section then… Since the people who fix bugs wouldn’t be checking feedback.

Should also include the console logs from the games it’s bugging, can be found here,

C:\Users(YOUR PC NAME HERE)\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs


Thanks. I’ve placed a lot of stuff in a lot of places. Periodically it is acknowledged. Never see any changes on the bots so I figured that it would be best to place it in the discussion section, so that the fans of the game would hopefully see it. That way more people will share their similar grievances, can’t ignore the entire fan base.

I don’t play pc, this is all Xbox.

But thanks, I was unaware of that.

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The fact that the bots cannot see the malevolent spirit is further complicated by the fact that they get stuck on ledges, which makes it very difficult to kill 2 spawns.

Bots are screwed in Chaos Wastes anyway, because they can’t get any of the Traits.

Also I thought they were supposed to get increased Weapon Power based on what you have, but on the inspect panel they’re always grey and the lowest Weapon Power.

Add on top of that, that they stand still looking at Packmasters, and you just have to play this mode with friends. Quickplay has people joining on Cata with Exe Sword as Huntsman, and Mining Pick on RV, who stand in the open and get surrounded after starting Boss chests in the middle of a Horde. :clown_face:

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It would be really nice if you could order them to use the upgrades and boons, even the chest of trials rewards.
Seems fair since they should realistically be earning the same coins you are.

I play a lot of offline. Had cleared CW citadel run with shade and merc before new monster abilities.
It is so much harder now and the bits not getting any upgrades beside level bonus makes it exceedingly difficult and unlikely due to the triple bonus monster in the finale.

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Hook rat double grab, cuz yeah, that’s fair.

Why do bots stack, why do they leave their backs against a wall with nowhere to safely dodge?

Almost 40 seconds of no weapon is in a lot of cases a death sentence in cata, especially since pyro is unable to use her career skill while upgrading drags on.

Why would a bot ever be in that close of proximity to a monster with his ranged weapon drawn?