Bot bugs and other bugs

Why does the bot drop me?

Why does wrath slow you to a crawl?

Why do they always stack up and back themselves into walls?

Why does kruber run around with ranged weapon equipped.
If you open a trial chest he often gets hit by a Minotaur the instant the monster spawns into the level.
That leaves you incredibly handicapped when the other bots immediately attempt to rush in an revive him. They end up dead and you solo a Minotaur until the horde and specials start spawning 20 seconds later.

Why are bounty hunter’s weapon switch outs instantaneous, but this is considered fast for a sienna?

What could switching to ranged weapon and standing on a downed ally hope to accomplish?

Why do they stack, and use the career skill before initiating revive? Everything they do here is counter intuitive and will never work.

A full minute, no weapon, no switching, no defense, no career skill, defenseless.

Bots frequently get stuck here after being in a storm, or from being thrown by a spawn

Hook rats and assassins have been spawning in dormant recently.
Other times, directly in striking range and active, monster chests will spawn monster directly on to unsuspecting bots at times.

If player walks on the wrong side of posts, bots frequently become trapped and require coaching on how to escape, sometimes they don’t. Kruber is especially bad.
He also goes AFK when they are large spawn ins of enemies. Sometimes he falls great distances behind, standing with zero intent to fight or block.

Why do the boys do what sienna does?
There is no reason to stand directly on top of a downed character, the revive radius is large enough that you can raise an ally that is in the middle of a stormfiend’s fire without taking damage. Teach the bots to use it.
I am not exaggerating, I have died to this sabotage from the bots over 1000 times.
there is no reason for them to operate like this.

I don’t like to complain about difficulty, but the spawn ate UNCHAINED’s entire health bar. That seems excessive.

Lightning still causing crashes.

Why do bots need to be babysat any time there is a drop off?

Thorns kerillian is the only bot that has any awareness or defense against banners, and that only lasts until it is planted. At that point you are on your own, as they are completely unaware and will avoid damaging them, similar to the malevolent spirit.
This needs addressing.

Venting in gas does not help.

These are all from today.

Warrior priest is useless as a bot, his numbers are as bad as ironbreaker no matter how you set him up, only difference is that he dies more.

Just bad.

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