Just watch, you will see the problem


Salty seems to have lost his weapon and kerillian has had the super slow glitch for half the map

This one is kinda funny.

Bots stuck on cliff, at least kruber teleported in…this happens regularly.

When the bots progress (drop off cliffs ahead of humans) they will freeze up and not defend themselves until attacked. They die often and are essentially a hinderance to the party.
They should follow not lead

Kruber just dies, not sure why.

Pathing is always an issue.

Grail knight glitch out

Grail knight bot shield fails against fire rat.
Both weapons are shielded.


1: kerillian doesn’t even attempt to dodge,
fix this please.

Weird salty glitch.

Different salty, same glitch


The weapons never come back.
Please also change potion handoff so you can exchange potions if there is a free slot. I don’t want the same one back if I’m handing it to a bot.

The radius for revives is large, why do bots stand directly on top of you, this is unnecessary and annoying.

3 bots
1 cliff
0 enemies. This should never happen.

Fully in range for a revive, no effort made. Bots need a rework.

If not for being able to teleport, the bot dies for no reason other than bad pathing. They should never fall off of things unless pushed.

We’ve been asking for bot changes since the game came out.

You don’t even need to show these bugs to show how bad they are. Just show them taking damage for no reason with their Ranged Weapon out, or all 3 of them wiping on any Boss for no reason.

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