Bots can get stuck at every cliff (Xbox)

Just had all 3 bots get stuck on the second last cliff before event on forbidden trail. None of them bothered to come into the event. Just stacked up and froze.
You need to put a proximity leash on bots. It is absolutely stupid how far they will run away chasing gas rats or just stopping at an edge, or when they decide they want to advance in the map before the rest of the party and they get stuck down below while the members remaining get to fight a monster to collect the trials chest reward.
The bots are in serious need of a rework.
If itonbreaker is only going to block at least increase his urgency to revive allies. Waiting until the last second in almost every situation results in death. He will repeatedly drop you, waste his special, standing on you while making no attempt to pick you up, then after it has expired he might, MIGHT.

More bot and cliff issues

Bots get stuck on the first drop off cliffs frequently in city of Marazak

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