Just some impressions from damnation high int

  • Poeple speedrunning it.

  • Met an Ogryn, probably with T3,5 - 4 gear, who killed a Plague-Ogryn within 10s alone. (No explosive grenade involved.)

  • Still meeting Zealots with Flamer who clear a whole room without the need to reload or any help from others.

  • And not to forget all the players abusing dodge-slide and yes, they get like 0 health-damage the whole run.

a) We´ve too much stats and higher tiers of weapons make the higher difficulties pretty much obsolet.

b) Has dodge-slide become a feature or will it be fixed in the near future? I never thought it´ll last that long since it´s highly abusable and makes the combat pretty much obsolet once the player got used to the key-timing.

Of course there are also players out there not abusing stuff and / or dying to a simple horde with a Powersword on malice / heresy. But it doesn´t mean that any threat should be taken out of the game, that bosses can be bursted easily by just one player or that we´ve a mechanic involved that lets us pretty much cheese through the whole level.

And yes… those impressions are from random teams… not a static one that prepared well and where everyone talks to each other.


Which makes it even more frustrating/unfair when some combinations vastly overperform others that are inaccessible to a lot of players behind large layers of RNG. And that if all builds were more accessible for people to try a lot of these balance issues could be found.

Agree the reliance on dodge sliding is too much… a lot of the mechanics on classes taking different damage amounts during sliding or dodging need to be relooked at. As well as just made more aware. A lot of these hidden class mechanics should be information easily accessible to all players especially if it’s changed. Not reliant on data mining.


It’s an intended mechinc, it was a highlight in one of gameplay trailers. And it’s good, more depth in movement.


I can´t see any more “depth” if it´s pretty much a self-carrier mechanic. It´s way too strong, no matter which class you play. The game is also playable without it.
If it needs to be a thing, put it on a high cooldown atleast, but not as a permanently "you can´t be targeted / hit / whatever - tool.

And i´m talking about dodge-slide, not the normal spring into slide.

Tbf this was obvious with all the buffs. It´s just a matter of time one or another will get good T3/4 perks on top of a 370+ weapon and it´s gg. It should be simple math for FS looking at the blessings + base-ratings.

EDIT: Bolter and Flamer can kill monstrosities within seconds aswell so…

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Because it’s a dodge 2.0 that you can perform by pushin additional button, pushin more button that leads to different actions - more depth, it’s a game in the end, not a visual novel.

Maybe, but reloading while dodge-sliding backwards is fun and cool.

Well this is another question - speed, distance, cooldawn etc.


You’re being silly and hyperbolic here. It’s very clearly an intended mechanic, furthermore it’s barely any different functionally from dodging in VT2. It consumes 2 of your effective dodges instead of 1, which on low dodge count weapons becomes apparent very quickly. You can’t take a thunder hammer into a match and pretend dodge slide makes you invincible when it stops working and you have to work around dodge cooldown after doing it once or twice. I’m actually still not sure it isn’t better generally to dodge rather than dodge slide in melee.

The problem is not that we have good defensive/mobility tools that allow people to make plays and clutch tough matches, that’s always been part of the magic of Tide games.

The problem is that if you know what you’re doing/have decent rolls on meta gear it’s very possible for a party to just pump out so much DPS the enemies rarely get to build up to the point of being a genuine threat. Compounded by the fact they just keep buffing things, like the silly situation we have now where Psyker probably does even more melee DPS on average with an Antax than Zealot does. That and guns generally being extremely strong while ammo is fairly plentiful.

So yeah basically I agree on your other points but think everything you said about dodge slide is pretty dumb.

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Tbf i just can´t take it seriously. We´re talking about just 1 button to press after dodge, which makes you invulnerable. This is no depth, it´s a cheese-combo.
Depth would be like “Press this button at a perfect timing and you can a buff.” like e.g. the perfect blocking perk in V2, or the parry-actions in Sekiro, positional-gameplay in MMORPG´s for more damage-output, etc…

Just because it might work more or less good on different weapons doesn´t mean that it´s not too strong for what it is. Of course you can also clear the whole map with normal dodging / blocking, but dodge-slide is superior in its core.

EDIT: As i´ve said, i´m at the point to say it need restrictions. Maybe even remove it in general, but bind it to the reload-perk on rangeweapons, so yes, you can dodgeslide + reload once your magazine is empty. This would actually bring utility to the game while sacrifizing damage for it.
There are ways to implement it better if it needs to stay.

You can say that way about anything, like sprinting is just +1 button to moving.

It’s not a problem of dodge slide existance as a move. You don’t balance game with removing fun mechanincs, it’s just stupid. They can just reduce dodge distance and speed, so it can’t save from some atacks, but dodge slide can. Or make it consume % of stamina. My main problem with slide/dodge-slide it just looks stupid when 4 people spaming 360 slide roll ( i do it, forgive me Emprah)

Ogyrn finally been strong can’t have that.

Zealot with flamers clearing tight rooms like they should still can’t do anything at all in a long range fire fight with out spliting from the team and putting them self in a bad position.

Dodge sliding shots that have sound ques and muzzel flashes a split second before the dangerous shot goes off so you can even engage in melee is cheating now because the gunners should just rng kill you if they decide to aim down?

Seems fair enough hopefully they disable sprint so we really can really use all our skill and knowledge of the maps to ambush them heretics.

It does remind me of Warframe bullet jumping all over the place to the point my pinky kills.

I’d rather Fatshark make the slide more powerful but on say, a 3 second cooldown, and then add a large dodge modifier if you’re being shot at range whilst running with active stamina. These would encourage strategic play, wouldn’t break immersion every .5 seconds for the team, would force people to get good, and actually makes sense. You’re moving faster so you’re harder to hit, stamina regen means more, regaining stamina behind cover for a few seconds to make a purposeful maneuver could feel awesome, etc.

Idk, anything is better than watching goofballs slide around like greasy fish on tile, and having them claim that they’re even remotely playing the game as intended. Fatshark got pissed when basic dodging was too good in VT2, and nerfed it. I can’t imagine they’re remotely OK with this, and didn’t see the abusability of the system initially. They’re probably waiting for a PR dry spell/content drop before gutting it. But who knows, it’s been a…wild 6 months for Darktide.

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Haha in Warframe I used to do crouch-slide, jump, aerial melee helicopter, and repeat. Must’ve been like 6 or 7 years ago now. Even that felt better than this slide spam, but yeah, totally different arcade-y game and architecture.

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It really isn’t