Just my opinion: traitor captains are to squishy

You fight through a long & lenghty map, get a few close calls when specials & elites face you combined and then you come to this boss with great ost and…he dies within a minute or less, it is a sad letdown.
With enough coordination you can burst past a shield phase twice making this fight but a minor hurdle.

(sidenote: whilst i love being tanky, the ogryn shield special move shouldn’t make you immune to all of the captain’s moves, it trivializes an already easy fight even more)

What difficulty are you on?

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sad but true, the path to it is more challenging than the boss fight, the same goes for the second analogous boss mission.

I think I lost only once in lvl 4 difficulty when the rest of the group said they would hit him from a distance and his plasma gun is powerful.

Unfortunately, in theory, only a horde with some crazy crap like berserker spam is a bigger threat than the boss himself

Edit: I remember like team with 2 x thunder hammer just blow him up xD i think we do 3lvl in this case

Try the train station boss on high difficulties. I dare you.

I don’t think they are too squishy, but too simplistic. Calling them a boss is kind of an embarrassment to bosses. Honestly, they should beef up the HP, take away the shield, and add actual mechanics, because the way they are right now promotes dropping a medi-pack and blasting them as quickly as possible.

It’s all fun and games until you hit Heresy.

Heresy, not yet 30 for damnation