I've come to seriously hate this game

Had a few days off while on a small weekend retreat. Came home powered up my PC and started VT2. 5 min in I puked over my keyboard due to the fact that I hate this game and it’s completely incompetent developer team whom should be sued down to their underwear for incompetence.

It’s not that I’m just tired of it. No I hate it! I hate the game and even more the developers. I can’t fathom how a team consisting of people this incompetent are still in business.
Every single new thing they implement is a disaster on more than just one level pushing the game yet another step backwards. It’s every fhucking time! EVERY FCHING TIME!
This new patch was just the last drop.

FS stop making games. Out.



So @AntiLoop, we won’t be seeing you any more?

I’m sure he’ll come back to complain again in some weeks. And again and again.
No matter what, the flaming ones are still around, from the beginning to the end times xD

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Just a vent. No substance or details as to what the problem is.