ITT: Cool things you noticed that you want to highlight

It’s fascinating how many assets Fatshark made that are hidden from the players sight or can only be glimpsed at. Some of them can even only be seen while using mods for the camera position:

If you look closely, you can see the much fabled second Hive city of Atoma Prime (and even a third?) on from the ship:

That big ship that you see in the main menu? That you are on?
Yes, they really built the Morning Star as a full ship with interiors and exteriors. You are inside that very ship whenever you spend time in Morning Star. And everything that is a part of it is inside it. Some Dark Souls level connectivity here. Pretty cool really:

What else did you notice while playing, that isn’t appreciated enough in the heat of combat or gameplay?


We know that there are 3 (Confirmed by Hedge) or more Hives on the planet.

And isn’t that Hive cluster just Tertium ? With the 2 Main Spires and then the secondary clusters

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Might be a different one, but really not sure, as closer pictures do show a height difference between the 2 Spires, where here it’s not really see-able

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If you look closely at the picture, there is three Hives.
Tertium with it’s two giant towers, another Hive that is quite far away but clearly connected by some road or tube system of sorts and then far below the two there is what seems to be an even smaller Hive.

The way it looks to me, this makes it three Hives unless you’re implying the two Hive Cities up top are just one, namely Tertium.

To me it looks like Tertium is just inverted on the green holographic map projection.

Most Hives that we know of in the lores are more accurately called Hive Clusters.


Everything in red is most a Spire, with the Purple 1 also being a Spire.

The Reds ones are part of the Tertium Culster, as the biggest one are the Twin Main Spires, and the other are very much smaller adjacent ones.

The Purple one I admit does scratch my head, it doesn’t look very big compared to the Hives, and it look more like the Mining/working stations that are linked to the hives

So in your opinion this is all just Tertium?
Is there anything in the lore or writing to back this up?

I just assumed it’s three different Hive Cities, because they are so far apart from each other. After all, you have to put this distance to scale. From the big twin spires in the middle to the spire out far west you’d have a really long track through wasteland ahead of you. The one you marked purple just straight up looks disconnected from the rest.

I assume all the red points are spires under the dominion of Hive Tertium

Hive cities often exist in closely-spaced groups known as “hive clusters” and there can be several thousand hive cities on a single Hive World.

As for the purple one, it doesn’t really look like it has a Spire, so not sure if it’s a Hive itself.

All the ductwork is for collecting dust from the air for the Moebian iron since the actual mineral veins of the planet are all depleted. This is why it bothers me when some of the ducts just terminate at a thin wall instead of carrying through to an offscreen point. Bud we need all the iron we can get.

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