Patch 15 predictions

Apart from adding other Chaos cults

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Not a video game. At least none I can think of. Not if you don’t count Kroot or the various other Tau slave/mercenary races. But they were in the TTRPGs with official stat listings.

I am with you there. I am working on my data set and then will provide concrete feedback. I have a lot of help on my dataset this time!

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It’s a bet then, lol.
If Fatshark changes crafting or releases GSC without Nurgle interaction, you lose and I win. And then YOU OWE ME YOUR SOUL, VARLET.

  1. I agree on your point with Wyrmwood’s message and I honestly don’t believe that was Genestealer related.
    To me it sounded like a teaser to Daemon related stuff. Possibly Nurgle, since it makes the most sense.
    It could also just be a teaser to another mission without anything extra in it. Remember Bögenhafen release? 3 long missions with a lot of dialogue drumming this big bad Daemon up. Turns out, the scary Daemon that is teased leading up to the last Bögenhafen mission finale is a McGuffin item pickup. And they didn’t do anything with it. You didn’t even have to carry the thing throughout the level dealing with Corruption. You just grabbed it at the end and rushed to the portal in 20 seconds. There was even a “Gotta go fast sonic” achievement for doing it in 10 or so.
    Wyrmwoods message could be another such cocktease. Fatshark has creative and detail-enarmored writers.
    I feel their gameplay department often doesn’t match that ‘energy’. So you end up getting good lore material and extensive dialogues building up a world, that still translates to “kill more basic rats / muties / stinky bois”.

  2. Yes, our characters talk about lore a lot. But the decisive matter is that there is only another Hive City (maybe two?) on Tertium. And in reference to that it’s strongly hinted at.
    To me this is a direct confirmation. And don’t get me wrong, I’d love some crazy different faction. But the reason it’s likely GSC is what Enclave says following, to which I want to add…

AND they fit the scope. GSC plays in the same arena of Nurgle Cultists “throw another batch of cannonfodder with unpleasant gifts (diseases) our enemies way”.
Most other factions do not fit that scope or mentality.
You straight up can’t build a Horde Shooter / Slasher around killing Slaneeshi / Khornate Elite Soldiers. And with Tzeentch you get a bunch of birds and these tiny blue horror things.
For GSC you wouldn’t even have to change or rename the armor system, since they’d be using similiar armors and infestation of a Genestealer can be a thing.

If you look at the globe of Atoma Prime found in the consulate in the Hourglass, it has quite a few hive cities on it. It’s missing some chunks but I counted at least 5 cities the one time. I suppose it could be outdated, and those extra cities could be dead or abandoned, but that seems extreme. I would expect that Atoma Prime holding the capital-world status for the Domain over such populated worlds as Crucis and Branx Magna would mean that it is quite populous too.

I do expect the quarantined city to come into play at some point. My guess is that it will be our version of the Chaos Wastes with extended rogue-lite expeditions into it.

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Last time I made a thread about this topic, I got told by people with way more lore knowledge that it’s 3. Tertium being one of it and the others just being sub-clusters of it.

That would be actually quite cool. Chaos Wastes is arguably the best game mode of VT2, even in it’s post-nerfed state.
I’d settle for really interesting levels with new gimmicks or environments, too.

The moment this drops I’m doing nothing but no-damage, ranged only, T5 doomguy runs until I succeed.


Tbh about veteran keystones… I fear that they will less interest me than what we have actually. I really liked veteran tree and the last talent that give a bonus to the ability.

I just hope that close combat setups won’t be ruined by such move. I loved my +30% close damage for 10s

Skitarii class type beat

I know that it’s a Stubber. Sorry, I should’ve clarified that. I just saw the gunner art and thought it would be better with a Hellgun. Hellguns are the ranged weapon I would love to be implemented the most.

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Brutal Momentum amd Shred although I’m sure replacing Shred with Headtaker would work just as well if not maybe better, still need to try that. Basically in patch 13 I believe they slightly changed its moveset where after doing a push attack, which in the Achyls is a horizontal swipe you go back to your heavy 1, which is another horizontal swipe. So if you heavy 1, push attack, heavy 1 repeated you are constantly swinging horizontally (side to side). I really didn’t like the playstyle, it wasn’t fun for me, but it was effective and got most melee kills and damage in the lobby.

For context I tested out on a Scryer’s Gaze crit build psyker.

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I want these now!

next week strikes again!


Ok can confirm
Wyrmwood is dead

And what ever hunting her wasn’t a lictor or any form of nid

It was demon or just some guy.

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Okay, so let’s see what was right (so far definitely wasn’t expecting a 2 parter);

Vet getting their skill tree rework and keystones

New mission

Pc players pearls

What we didn’t expect;

New zone the carnival

Inspecting players in the hub

More Jesper’s bangers

New cutscene (hopefully this is consistent thing with updates we could actually get some form of actual story)

Now it’s traitors curse part 2 predictions
Personally I expect with certainty;

A new map for the carnival (seems pretty reasonable that a new zone would get 2 maps minimum)

Squidward’s hopes and dreams;
Flash missions
New weapons
Some form of update to the store that makes it suck less
Crafting improvements (spending 15k plasteel on rolling mk6 power swords to not get t4 power cycler is not fun)
A new boss or enemy type (just going off the latest vox cast)
Fully armoured kasrkin(with visored helmet pls), scion set or cadian set
Update the commissary it’s been over half a year since it’s seen any new inventory you can’t just add a shop and then abandon it.

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part 2 what i think we want to see.
Scoped Ryza Hotshot lasgun,
Scoped Hotshot Marksman rifle
Hotshot Vollygun
Two handed weapons
board and X
Plasma and Bolt pistol
force axe
Power axe
Chain Glaive,
Power fist
Two handed Power swords for our Zealot RP Crusaders.

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What I think it would happen
Soon after adding keystone skills for Veteran it would be nerf to oblivion.

I think there will be atleast 1 new weapon in part 2 and I really hope they fixed the abyssimal chain axe. a new assassination mission vs a psyker probably a mix of burblespew halescourge and the other mage guy from vermintide 2.


Genestealer Cult will be a DLC, I think. That’s what they did with Beastmen in Vermintide.

There be 2-3 new missions and the skins for PC Gamers. Veterans talents will get the keystone abilities.

New weapons won’t be until patch 2 at the beginning of December. Hopefully it’s actual new weapons (Come ooon Meltagun, daddy needs to melt faces!) and not just new Mks for existing weapons.

I’d like to see:

  • Hot shot Lasgun
  • Melta gun
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Bolt Pistol
  • Beam staff (from Vermintide) for Psyker
  • Two handed weapon for Ogryn
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Fatshark won’t make any Darktide DLC, one reason for that is simply because of the way that the mission selection works. They’ve also said that all new (non-cosmetic) content will be entirely free to all players.