It's so beautiful

Just want to say you guys killed it. It’s so beautiful. Serious accomplishment for a small studio. You should be very proud.


i know right??? i hope they get rich and fat from vermintide 2, and release vermintide 3 2 years later. HA!


I was suspicious when I saw the engine was made by Autodesk but man it’s really pretty.

It’s sort of the other way around. Fatshark engineers developed the engine initially and then sold it to Autodesk. Autodesk seems to have abandoned it this past winter, leaving Fatshark more or less its only user for the foreseeable future. Their plan had been to develop Bitsquid/Stingray into a competitor for Unreal and Unity, but they missed the boat as far as market penetration is concerned, and gave up.

It may still go places in the coming years

Huh, interesting. I hope it gets picked up for more projects.

Why? People use Maya for movies and military simulation all the time.

They did, but before going on vacation, for example, they should hang around and work on whatever issues may arise near launch. A lot of games had major issues at launch but developers were granted, say, a month off, and this surely impacted ultimate player numbers, reputation, and future sales. An artifact of corporate running them into the ground to meet a deadline, no doubt, thinking a deadline is all that matters

Fatshark seem to be their own masters and I trust they will exercise prudent judgment in this matter. Once everything more or less runs smoothly, and no developing issues threaten the playerbase, then a well deserved vacation can be in order

I didn’t mean that I distrust Autodesk, I use Maya all the time. What I meant was that I had never heard of them getting into the engine market.

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