So given the engine is dead where does this leave Vermintide 3, how long does Fatsharks licence last?

First of all it’s not dead, just not supported anymore. Second, I think the license is indefinite. Even if not, I doubt it won’t be prolonged if needed.

But on FS place I would migrate to different engine for VT3 anyways, because clearly a big chunk of current problems with VT2 comes from it’s limitations, unfinishedness and lack of big community support.

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Do you need the engine to create mods?

Of course you do. Why do you ask, though? I don’t get the question.

I ask because you can no longer buy it, see what I am getting at?

No idea.

They’ll release the full engine to make you create new levels one day, for now you can only have the mod compiler

I’ll doubt there will be VT3 ^^

Said just before a update that sorted so many issues. Hopefully the console release gets what PC players have to stretch it’s audience.

Have they got the licenses to do so though?

I’m pretty sure they have it, they made the engine, Stingray is an evolution of “Bitsquid” that is an engine made by Fatshark. It becomes Stingray as it has been acquired by Autodesk, but i’m pretty sure they have special agreements to use it.

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