Its really important i hate you FATSHARK

I hate this BOTS, I hate this sistem with LOOT BOX, this is roulete, WHY I NEED FIGHT WITH LUCK AND CHANCE? HOW I CAN JUST PLAY AND ENJOY THAT GAME? I play FKING MAP AND OGR appeared on the edge AND MY BOTS fall into the abyss, nice re work bots. Why should i eat this? I already ate it in the first part. I like warhammer story and setting but THIS is NOT GOOD GAME this is CASINO WHITOUT DONATE. I hate ur FATSHARK and i hope you understand how create a NORMAL GAME, In the game, rare things should be given as a reward for completing difficult missions on the difficult difficulty level itself. I don’t know why everyone praises this game so much, why everyone eats it? I just urge everyone to make a bikot of developers and not to go into this game for at least a week, so that the developers understand that they made a big mistake, they didn’t understand it from the first part, they did this from the CO-OP of the MMORPG

Please try to report feedback in a manner that is constructive and useful - thank you.

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