Items on my person vanish if I rejoin after a connection issue

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If I get removed from the game because of a connection error, when I rejoin, the items I was carrying (ammo pack/stim) are missing.) They’re not on my person, they’re not even on the ground of where I was last standing.

One more thing, please disable the vote kick feature at the final event.
It’s rare but griefers will kick people at the very end of the match, such as when the dropship arrives or the elevator doors open. It’s rare but it’s a serious issue. They’re happy with your performance for the whole match then give you the boot when it’s time to leave. I know this doesn’t “technically” count as a bug, but it really should be. (In short: Please use the V2 system, vote to kick disabled at final events and match ends if a person is standing in the portal for a minute. This prevented both kinds of griefers, kick griefing and holding the game hostage.)

Not a bug, when you disconnect, you are replaced by a bot and bots cannot carry anything except grimoires. Questionable/bad design? Yes. Bug? No.

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