It is impossible to solo queue for Heresy +

Every single Heresy match has been with people way underleveled who wipe on the first fight, or the lobby starting to countdown instantly when i’m the only person in queue, sending me into a mission alone after just 60 seconds

I can’t even speak for Damnation but it’s probably the same

You need to rework your system

Difficulty must come with a harsher level restriction

Lobby countdown shouldn’t start when there’s less than at least 3 players in

The Morningstar needs a proper LFG system where random people can setup balanced parties across all lobbies in just a few clicks

Let me be very clear, in two days i still haven’t been able to start a Heresy + game once, this is a severe problem, you guys need to acknowledge that a majority of your playerbase will solo queue and design your matchmaking accordingly

Don’t be one of those companies who doesn’t provide proper matchmaking infrastructure for their playerbase


I do not think the problem or issue is the q system. As whenever you Q it tries to partner you with any player’s that are currently trying to queue for the same thing. The “issue” and I use quotations because it really isn’t an issue as much as it is just a thing.

Most people just. Aren’t that good at the game yet where they can consistently attempt Heretic difficulty, it also has nothing to do with level. I cleared Malice at level 3 without going down a single time or anyone dying in my party (on day 1 mind you). It’s less about being able to FIND people as much as it is the people trying that difficulty just barely exist at all.

When you queue for a match I’m assuming it tries to match you with other’s that are attempting the same thing. People just…aren’t at the point where they’re attempting Heretic runs super consistently yet, which is why if you went for Malice you’d get an instant game found. But if you go one difficulty higher it’s a ghost land.

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No, just no

There’s gear level

When you queue up at level 5 for Malice, or 12 for Heresy, you’re sandbagging your entire team who has to carry you

The fact that you make it to the end is due to your team, not you

Even if you don’t just die instantly, which 99% of the people do, you’re just plinking at enemies, failing to create space
You will still be fighting the same 2 trash mobs for 15 seconds where an appropriate level would do that in 1 second


But…that isn’t what happened though. And my other points still stand as well, it has nothing to do with their queueing system. No one is doing Heretic+ because they simply, do not want too as automatically queueing for it WILL group you with other’s who’re looking for the same. So to that, I’m correct.

I…don’t really care admittedly, there isn’t a way to currently parse contribution or damage at the moment so any discussion around it is completly irrelevant. I do know I killed specials and covered my team. Since you know, we didn’t die, nor did we lose the mission, but I also have hundreds of hours on the Vermentide games which I’m sure helped me not die. My health didn’t drop below half, except for one time then there was an immediate medicae.

I’m not sure why you’re putting so much stake in it, trying to be superior to others. Or make my team seem superior to me, at the end of the day we all completed the mission and that’s what matters. EVEN IF, I wasn’t doing the most damage I one, didn’t go down, or die. Covered people that WERE capable. But even still with it being day one my teammates weren’t that much higher than me, maybe 2 or 4 levels. But regardless of those things, you complaining about not being able to find people in a fresh game were majority of it’s playerbase are new as most probably haven’t played vermentide.

Spot on, certain people just don’t want to admit that gear level exists. We can go into the meat grinder and see the numbers ourselves, it’s not complicated or anything to do with “superiority”. Dealt with the same thing back in vermintide, people switch to a new class and queue into legend at level 5 because they “know the game”, and spend 20 swings fighting a single rat while the rest of us carry.

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