Having trouble finding lobbies on Malice and higher

is there a reason for this? it used to be hard enough to fill a heresy lobby but now i cant even find people on malice, and of course damnation is out of the question. i wont bother looking for difficulty 1 or 2 lobbies. those arent even worth it.

Yes there is a reason for it.

People are starting to get enough of the state of the game and the lies told by the lead developers.

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I think most players are in Heresy/Damnation now as every game i join has players.

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For Malice,Heresy and Damnation I never start with anyone else in the lobby. But about 2-5 minutes after the mission has finished loading it tends to fill up completely. I have had a few games where we finished with one bot. Most of the time though it does fill up.