Bots buff is needed with heresy/damnation

Whether it’s because I’m in Australia and we have way less players than the rest of the world, or because no one wants to play harder difficulties I dunno. I’ve never found a game with players on heresy/damnation. Probably 50%+ of my time playing is with just bots on Malice or below.

It feels nearly impossible to play the harder difficulties with bots. They all die within 5 minutes and I’m stuck by myself for entire missions, as no one ever joins and the bots die so quickly. It’s quite frustrating.

A buff to the bots would be greatly appreciated. Alternatively a server select menu so I can actually choose to play with people even if I have a higher ping.

Pretty sure they know the bots “suck” at the moment (don’t even pick scriptures) but the priority is not there yet.