No Players found, seriously :(


even in quickplay, no players found, ever
I’m always alone with bots :frowning:


Use the official discord to find a team.
Players more often start games in 4 people.
But, i do find solo players joining easier difficuties, but heresy or damnation are less populated, means you better find a team before starting one.

Yeah it gets like that especially n higher difficulties DC3+

Yeah it’s getting to be frustrating, especially on Damnation. The worst is that let’s say I match with 1 person, leave, then quickly rematch, I’ll match again with 1 person but it’ll be a different one each time. I could do this 4 times and pair with 4 different people in a few minutes, why can’t it bring 4 people together?

I notice there seems to be a set amount of time (like 1 minute?) of searching before the game just throws you in an empty lobby. I think they really need to extend it, weigh gathering 4 players from the start more. Not as simple to play through Damnation with bots and just hope people drop in.


Same here. Either US East is dead or Matchmaking is busted. Sad.

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You’re telling me that among the 20k - 40k+ people that are online, the aren’t 4 people at least for Heresy or Damnation?

Either Steam Charts is lying, the matchmaking is god-awful, or 90% of these players just started playing yesterday.


I can’t even find anyone on Heresy and even Malice runs are 2 people and 2 bots for 10 to 15 minutes before other people finally join.

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I started a Malice run yesterday with no secondary objectives or malus.

I was alone for the first 5 minutes.

there is nobody in higher difficulty because its fully useless, you donc gain more, you dont have loot.
This game is flawed like crazy:

Playing in low difficulty =

  • more crafting materials / h
  • more money / h

once you have this you just afk shop every hours and donc need to play anymore…
So basically nobody play anymore and you dont find anyone to play (question answered)

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Out of all those people, nobody wants a challenge?

Do you actually believe that or is it just what you want to tell yourself to stave off the sinking feeling that this game is on life support if it doesn’t do a full 180 soon?

I’m not talking about Malice or Damnation,
this happens in first 2 difficulties
1 and 2

Then something is truly screwed…

I get hit with this consistently regardless of day or difficulty

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for me using public discords is akin to jeopardising my sanity. it is difficult for me to handle uncaring people, in regards to their fellow humans, when they are in large quantities.
more often then not discord brought out the worst of people to see for me.
i already have a relatively good grasp of what the average human being is or is not capable of and decline to have that shoved in my face potentially more often then i could handle.


The game does not support IPv6 which is probably enabled on your network settings. Someone told me this and it instantly fixed matchmaking for me. It really should be pinned at the top of the forum, I don’t think this has been communicated by the devs.

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what is that and how do i fix it?

Internet jargon with connection to this video game, I’m sure someone could actually explain this somewhat.

Go to Properties on your network settings, uncheck the box for IPv6, save settings. Darktide matchmaking will work (though I heard the GP version is sort of dead regardless).

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I confirm the gamepass.

You have to wake up very early to play a full game with no bots.

In any difficulty. Though the contracts to complete 25 missions per week are not helping people tatgetting higher difficulties.

A lot of people don’t play for the challenge. Malice is the sweet spot where enemies are plentiful, all weapons are strong, action hero tactics are rewarded and screwups don’t mean instant death.

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Not to mention all classes are now equally viable. The Psyker drops off like a sack of bricks at Heresy+, the Ogryn has a tough time as a single mistake can mean stunlock city and death and the Zealot can either go god-mode or get deleted by the half a dozen grabblers Heresy+ throws at you at every second of the day. The Veteran of course never really stops being great.