It is bug or intended? Archer's arrow deals 80 on weave 115

Is it intended? Should we use cheese tactic to cope with 80 dealing arrow?

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Damage scaling should apply to archers as well, correct?

yes, it is but there are too many archers around there. I just want to check dev know this or not

Damage scaling goes up. At 115, enemies are doing 750% damage. See this resource created by Raindish and Zaphio for the scaling to see how silly it is. They’ll eventually 1-shot you, can be seen here or here, 3rd person perspective.

Archers are honestly the most salt-inducing part of Beastmen for me. They need reworking/retuning.


I think they are fine, without that insane damage buff. I would change the weaves rather than change the base game because of it. IIRC you can block and dodge them, and if you shoot them they usually switch if they don’t die.

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I worte this because Beastman Archers on weave 115 were problems in our first try. They spanwed too much on the area where 2nd grim is. Shadow weave grants 80% damage reduction to enemy when they are invisible to us. I think without WS OR PY, nobody can kill them without approaching them. We managed to put barrel on objective but archers on 1st grim place were really absured. Their position was too wide to make them use sprear

I feel you, man.
I’m beginning the weaves myself, but I think I’ll stop at 40. They are too cheesy to be fun after that. I’ll probably do a suggestion post when I feel like it.


What, you don’t enjoy extreme cookiecutting in both tactics and items?


They are probably not changing anything, because you know, they want to keep it “fair” … so everyone can enjoy this bugfest in same fashion and to keep the boards fair :joy::shark:


Even though they want to keep it for ‘fair’… It should be changed. At least scale should not be on arrows in my opinion. Futhermore, I don’t know this is bug or not, but arrows can penetrate my shield even though i aim my block to them. It is unpleasant thing that 80 dealing arrow will kill you with 2~3 shot and very unfair.

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I absolutely agree.

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I also do, which should be noted as we do agree on something =D

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That’s the thing, though… it’s not fine. There’s simply no counterplay to archers except to hide. You can’t block them without a shield, which blocks 70%+ of your screen (and makes it so you can’t see pings through it, or character outlines as of WoM release). You also can’t reliable dodge them, since archers are not 100% accurate.

The only counterplay to archers is to hide and wait them out, which is bad design. You can try and meleefy them, but in so doing you risk getting 1-shot by them on the way there. Shooting them is risky, because if they hit you first, once, you’re either dead, or at 1 HP if you were at full HP and running natural bond.

I would rather, and I think many of the people doing higher weaves, would rather enemies have more HP, or there be more enemies than enemies be able to 1-shot us. The 1-shot scaling enforces the most defencive, passive playstyle you can imagine where you just find builds that can do as much damage as possible while holding block. Or comps that can turtle as hard as possible. It’s… stale. When we tried no tHP, that was somehow more versatile than this is, if you can believe it.


I agree with you 100% but the weaves are the problem, not the archers per se. in a normal game they are an interesting enemy, annoying but in a fine way, that’s all I’m saying.

I recently played a few weaves and I was appalled at how fast they become a cheesy bore. This all really feels like a bad beta…

Even in regular adventure maps, they need some tuning, IMO. But mostly it’s some small tuning there, to be fair.

  • They tend to clump up in 1 slot and fire volleys, which while annoying, isn’t too big a deal.
  • The real problem: They cause hit stun when they hit. They break ADS, they stop slayer leaps mid-air, everything. It’s stupid.

Remove those 2 things (mainly the second point), and in regular play and honestly… they’re fine. Small tweaks, and they’re fixed.

As for weaves, despite the issues there (and needing retuning), I overall enjoy them. They obviously need some work, but I’ve been enjoying them overall, but mostly for the challenge/competition/group play.


Anyone experienced that ungor archer can hit you even though you use shield?
I definitely watching them, but arrows hit me.

I played a lot of IB up to 95. Sometimes it happens that the arrows comes through the shield but probably there are two arrows coming at you and 1 arrow opens your shield or you just moved the shield covering angle outside of the hitbox of the arrow.
I know its really weird.

So… one arrow stumbles my shield angle and another arrow hit me through it?
very weird mechanic. I hope it is unintended.

I am not sure and you mostly have a lot of archers in the vicinity which together with the shield covering up a lot of the screen you often dont really saw from where the arrow came from.
Only way to test it is to spawn some archers on the mod realm. Because if you get hit by an arrow in the back or side it lowers your shield for a slight moment.

Yeah, i gonna test it but sadly can’t right now…