Is there any way to get Okri's Challenges data outside of the game?

Hello, it’s not a mod suggestion per se, but I’ve recently made this simple online tool to draw a loadout out of the pool and I’ve been thinking about making some other app as well.

My plan would be to make an app that tracks Okri’s Challenges progress - so basically the same thing that’s in-game already, but hosted outside of it for convenience - so I do not have to memorize/make screenshots of Legend levels that need to be done for example.

So my question to devs is - would it be possible to connect to your backend via Steam login to get this data? Is there some kind of usable API? I guess it must be somehow connected to Steam account (or PSN/Xbox for console versions)

@Fatshark_Hedge, @FatsharkRobin - could you shed some light on the matter or direct some knowledgable dev/person here? Pretty please :slight_smile: