Is there any real reason to use dual daggers over sword&dagger anymore?

After, SnD heavy stab attack shares the same damage as dual daggers to armoured. Meanwhile, SnD has acceptable cleave on both its normal attack chain and the heavy slash attack, making it way more suitable to run than dual daggers, which have abysmal cleave and block values while not having any upside outside of being able to spam the heavy stab attack. SnD even has the same DoT as dual daggers on the third attack of the chain.

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It has always been like this, not like changed anything.

Actually DnD even more powerful now compared to SnD, since both of its charged attacks got buffed, whilst SnD only has its second attack improved.

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I suppose DnD hits faster which with Resourceful Combatant means, in theory, you can get your ult back more quickly.

I did test this with WS and it was roughly 12-15 seconds for both, but maybe someone else has better numbers.

DD is supposed to be single-target heavy. DS is multi-target heavy. SnD is supposed to be a blend of the two. Dual daggers are faster than SnD and DS(they’re all very fast though). They also apply bleed on every hit(minus charged attacks). I’d love for the bleed to stack, but if it did, it would be brokenly overpowered unless the DoT damage was lowered.

All the weapons have little differences that encourage different play styles and suit different roles. I think unless something overwhelming occurs in the game, you really just pick what you enjoy playing or believe to be suited for what is needed. An example of overwhelming would be Shade’s glaive over-head strike from infiltrate during the 1.0.8 beta. It was so powerful that it made it too good to pass for any other weapon. In the released, Shade’s infiltrate damage is very powerful across multiple weapons now and it’s less one-sided as to what weapon is ideal. The powerful damage can also be used to cleave across more than one target again and could kill multiple storm vermin instantly, for example.

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If the heavy stab of SnD is considered as the 2nd power attack, DD is better vs elites because of that. If you prefer safer, more reliable and easier horde killing go for SnD.

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It did change something. It showed us that it is in fact intended by Fatshark that SnD is supposed to get all the upsides of both DD and DS, while the respective downsides are nullified. I guess I shouldve asked, why arent the dual daggers more specialized in doing heavy single target damage, and the dual swords in excellent wave clear than the SnD, which is supposed to be the middle ground? Middle ground implying it does both things, but not as good. In case anybody is worried, im not after a SnD nerf. Im after a DD buff.

While I agree, pushing out good single target damage on SnD is not as easy as on DD, the other upsides make more than up for that. Not to mention that elf has very good single target ranged weapons, while they lack in wave clear unless said wave is coming in a straight line.

Are you sure you fully read my post? Cause:

Because DD charged attacks are meant to do exactly the same thing. Not like it really matters, anyone using DD always block cancels the first charge attack because the second is wonky to hit the head with.

I just had to clutch in a group where two people died and kill half a boss and four chaos warriors in a row, new dagger buff feels GREAT and rewarding!!


The strength from DD comes from being able to put out attacks constantly and quickly, so being able to pop out a charged attack in the middle of a horde is great.

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I should add you’re indeed capable of killing two chaos warriors in one DD charge attack

I get my ult back in 5-9 seconds with resourceful and nearly full crit (14/15) dual daggers, which is what makes daggers so much fun for me, a lot of decisionmaking goes into making the bobbing and weaving so successful so this new dagger buff makes it feel very rewarding to play skillfully even though it means forsaking a lot of cleave.

I really like bloodfletching and the repeater crossbow with the dual daggers to get you out of a pinch and free refills when you get the chance, although I do wish they’d fix a few of the bugs

Stealth still feels broken threat-wise, a lot of enemies will still try to hit you in the first few seconds sometimes even track you if they pass by you and were hostile to you before; I’ve had bosses repeatedly try and swing at me before while in stealth (for a duration already at times even! Not just melee-stealth)

And the repeater crossbows seem plagued by their reload animation locking you into place even when it’s auto-reload. They should disable zoom whilst the weapon is ‘‘empty’’ to prevent the bug from happening ^^';

Is this bug reported though? I mean the zoom lock.

I’m pretty sure I’ve read about it several times and I think mentioned it a couple of times, it feels absolutely terrible when it happens and you want to clutch block out of a bad situation and are either forced to desperately dodge or eat a hit

Don’t forget wasting 2 or 4 bolts as an accident.

Yea, luckily (or rather unfortunately) it mostly happens when I’m out of ammo, but the reload animation itself can’t be cancelled whatsoever at any ammo level when holding rmb (which seems to soft-lock you into it if you don’t release it ahead of time) I’ll see if there’s threads about it and make one if there isn’t

Made one, guessing people didn’t bother make a proper thread since I couldn’t find one.

Yep, just re-tested on multiple enemies close together…9 seconds.

5% crit on weapon and 4-5% on dagger 5% on trinket and dagger with the base dagger crit lets me do those times or less on single too! Just letting you know, ofc there’s some luck involved but I tend to average at 7 seconds

What game are we talking about?? Lol. I came here looking for a website I could buy real dual twin Daggers and ended up here. But this game sounds interesting. What is it???

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