I think a problem is the nerf to heavy attack damage was too large a hit. The function of DD should be single target damage. It should be difficult to handle hordes with the DD, not impossible, but takes skill.

DS got far too large a buff. Their single target damage from that crit buff is far too high. DS should be excellent horde clearing and be difficult to single target damage, it should take a number of heavy attacks to take down a hard single target.

S+D - this weapon took a heavy attack debuff, which I feel wasn’t necessarily wanted. The S+D were good, but not the meta weapons and were fine, I felt, where they were. S+D should be a balance between the DD & DS. It should do a bit of both well but well enough that it is worth taking.

I am not knowledgeable enough to say exactly how to do this, but it’s my opinion on the weapons currently.

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