Is there any addition regarding the new update that would get you back playing?

Honest question.

I haven’t been played for months now, and I asked myself and my friend the same. Honestly, removing crafting locks wouldn’t be enough now. I would probably check on some weapons I haven’t tried yet bc crap rolls, but won’t be playing just for that.
For me at least 1-2 more classes, more maps and a new game mode (like chaos wastes) would be the minimum to get back. but I cannot see these happenning, not even one.

so I guess that’s it for me?


They gotta admit, openly or implicitly, that they screwed up. This new system can’t be a wet fart or a minor change, it has to be an overhaul.

They’ve shown that they can implement large scale changes and fixes, I wanna see them target penances for one.

“But they aren’t important!” But they could be. I remember scoring my first flaming sword in Sea of Thieves, well before many others could, because of an in-game achievement. Was the task simple? Sure, but I had something to show for it. I haven’t unequipped it in years.

Fatshark is hoping this Path to Redemption hits hard enough that they named it. Either we’re looking at a new Penance system or something more all-encompassing but they actually have to do it instead of just grandly naming a bandaid and calling it done.



Chaos wastes

A new class


History or “history mode”

earn aquillas by playing

customizable weapons and skins


I play every days the game… and I expect nothing from this patch…

Cosmetic system is so bad, that penance and 1 model and 15 recolors won’t change my mind on it.
Penances are just annoying goals… and recolors unwanted content.

I would 100 000 times prefer that they implement for the drip (and later weapon customisation) and nothing else.
Penances would have not even be on my list of things needed for Darktide.

It is like wanting to put fuel in a car that has no engine…


Chaos wastes mode
Challenge dufficulties
New weapons

Crafting is awful but not my main concern.


What’s history mode?

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Massive cosmetic overhaul, complete redoing of crafting, massive content drops, a single update without a game-breaking bug of some kind.

That’s to get me to actually play for as long as it takes to finish the new maps and optimize some weapons.

If Fatshark wants Darktide to get back into my regular game rotation, they need to fire most of management, because it’s transparently clear management is the problem. I won’t start caring about this game again until they fix the long-running problems this company has with production and communication.


Crafting has to be addressed, because with every every weapon added the situation with it becomes more frustrating.


i meant for going deep on the “history” we allready have. I don’t like the history “advance” one step every 4 months and just by zola letters and vox communication.


I agree but its not my problem. I have enough mats for whatever mostly. I just don’t play anymore because i have already played a lot and there’s nothing that interests me that i havent done to death.


It happens the same for me, crafting being fix for sure is neccesary, but i wouldn’t give a damn if they just fix that.


It needs a list of small & big things for me that bothered me since day 1.

  • Let me change my character’s name, personality, gender, height. And read their backstory. <Lets us have more player agency
  • More faces, hairstyles, scars, and so on. (I want my vet to look like Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear)
  • Red items & alteast 3 New items (not marks)
  • Consistent modifiers on Auric board / Have at least 3 maelstroms on Auric board (Monstrous, Mostly Melee, and the Hardest Modifier are always on the board). Only thing that changes is the map they’re on.
  • Make the cosmetic sets look more lore accurate to depiction (Krieg, Scions, and just about everything else)
  • Get rid of the fomo shop rotation and let people buy what they want
  • Get rid of sedition and shift the difficulties up 1 notch, introduce a new difficulty.
  • A trello or roadmap & what the plans for the future are on poster.
  • Add more areas to the morningstar, bar, unique interactions with Rannik’s senior staff, let us explore it.
  • Fix sound bugs (soundless dogs & busters are still a thing)
  • Prestige system so that exp has some semblance of meaning past lvl30…
  • the list goes on…

And I don’t. I also don’t care to come back and farm mats.


I’m still here and playing, but if we are talking wishlists:

  • crafting / itemisation overhaul
  • PROPER audio fixes for specials / elites / backstab audio cues failing to fire
  • rebalance / rework of some forgotten weapons, somehow missed during the rebalance patch
  • bugfixes, especially for gameplay consistency issues: starting with audio cues (mentioned already), specials refusing pushes, stagger system fixes (prone enemies instantly getting up when staggered again etc), enemies phasing through you/ ignoring collision with player hitbox.
  • QoL improvements - a lot of mods we are using should be actual game features
  • Mission Select Screen redesign to allow players to select map, difficulty and a long range of potential modifiers, including modifiers inspired by the Vermintide 2 deed list.
  • FINALLY actual new content: new biomes and maps, new classes
  • Chaos Waste style game mode would be nice if focused on procedurally generated maps (sadly totally unlikely).

As you can see my list is bug fix heavy, I frankly I have little faith in Fatshark’s ability to deliver new content quickly.


The only way that I’m coming back to play this game is if they fix the crafting, they improve the mission selection, have some kind of new game mode, and provide regularly released content to actually suite the “live service” they claimed. Both for gameplay variety & story implementation.

So, basically at this rate, never for me. I think them being unable to stick to their deadline to give us a dev blog/announcement is the nail in the coffin that tells me that Fatshark is just too incompetent to provide what I’m hoping for anymore.



  • For the drip system implemented. Make it a paying DLC if you want!
  • Weapon customization: but something better than the simple mod. I want something linked to the crafting system where we can craft our weapon and put accessories etc. A full, non RNG system
  • Map randomly generated: the idea, we go for a mission we start at a section and the game put 3 tiles of random sections of maps with random conditions (high int, purge etc). I want that mission doesn’t look always the same!!!
  • More weapons. As I want weapon customization, I mean real new weapons, not new variants
  • New faction
  • New monstrosities
  • Balancing:
    • Revolver and plasma on veteran… there is a BIG problem
    • Smoke nades… a slight buff?
    • read forums…

Like i said, it needs to be fixed. But i see content as the hurdle to retention more than bad systems. Plus just break the locks.

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Best we can do is fail to post words in time


the problem with that is that right now there is no option to “quick play” into maelstrom missions, so you’ll run into a situation where you could queue for a specific one and not have anyone to play with, especially in the event that the timer has run out on the missionboard for that mission… this really compounds it…

quick play maelstrom would be cool though

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My bare minimum:
•Breaking the Locks.
•New Enemies.
•New Maps.
•New Weapons.

Those things are, as I said, the bare minimum for getting me back to playing Darktide for a while, but its not everything that I want.

My pet peeves:
•Chaos Wastes-esque Mode.
•Cheaper Crafting.
•Cheaper Premium Cosmetics.
•Crafting Overhaul.
•DRG/HD2-style Battle Pass.
•Earnable Aquilas.
•Fixing the Servers.
•More interactive and sociable Mourningstar.
•New Archetypes.
•Personality/Sex Changes.
•Red Weapons.

Everything else I can think of is (personally) fixed by mods, but I could be forgetting something.